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2 January

Balcony Repair Services | California Balcony Inspection Laws


YOUR BUILDING MUST BE INSPECTED IF YOU ANSWER “YES” TO THESE QUESTIONS: Does your building have 3 or more units? Does your building have “Exterior Elevated Elements” (EEE’s)? (for example, exterior balconies, decks, porches, stairways, walkways, entry structures, or other exterior elements with walking surfaces) Do your elevated structural elements rely substantially on wood or wood-based products for structural support? Are your [...]

Balcony Repair Services | California Balcony Inspection Laws2022-01-13T09:06:52-08:00
1 December

Crawl Space Encapsulation Contractors


HUMIDITY + MOISTURE = STRUCTURAL DAMAGE CALL ANGELA TODAY! 866-771-4847 Here's Why Crawl Space Encapsulation is Important Weinstein Construction’s experts can help you keep moisture away from your home’s crawl spaces, safeguarding the value of your property and helping to make your home safe and healthy for all who live there. We are experts at crawl space [...]

Crawl Space Encapsulation Contractors2022-09-22T12:35:39-07:00
20 November

Los Angeles EBB Program Eligible Zipcodes


FREE GOVERNMENT GRANTS FOR SEISMIC RETROFITTING CALL ANGELA TODAY! (818) 334-6657 Applications for eligible zipcodes for a state-funded retrofitting program, that will provide grants of up to $3,000 to thousands of homeowners to subsidize their cost of seismic retrofitting of their homes by a FEMA Approved EBB Program contractor is open for a limited time!  Application Deadline [...]

Los Angeles EBB Program Eligible Zipcodes2021-12-20T21:06:10-08:00
17 November

Los Angeles EBB Program Contractor


Accepted? Time to Hire the right EBB contractor CALL ANGELA TODAY! 818-717-7020 You have 12 weeks (or 90 days) to hire an EBB approved contractor For nearly 45 years, Weinstein Construction has been the #1 foundation repair and earthquake retrofitting company in Southern California, serving the needs of residents in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Orange, Ventura [...]

Los Angeles EBB Program Contractor2022-05-19T12:55:38-07:00
15 September

Thank You! Inspection Request


Thanks for contacting us with your Inspection Request! We will get in touch with you shortly. If you have any more questions or want to get in touch with us directly, Please call us at (818) 855-5752

Thank You! Inspection Request2022-09-10T09:53:07-07:00
27 June

Los Angeles Foundation Repair


Time to give your home the support it needs Does your foundation suffer from any of the following warning signs of foundation problems? Cracked interior walls Basement leaks Cracks in ceilings, floor or floor tiles Visible exterior cracks in stucco Uneven and/or sloping floors Sticky doors and windows Squeaking floors Any cracks in the foundation [...]

Los Angeles Foundation Repair2022-09-22T12:33:46-07:00
21 July

Los Angeles Soft-Story Retrofit


Los Angeles Soft-Story Retrofit Program The Northridge Earthquake, a magnitude-6.7 earthquake in 1994, brought national attention to a fundamental structural flaw that plagues thousands of buildings located in California's earthquake-prone cities. As the earthquake shook the city, the bottom floor of a Northridge Meadows apartment complex collapsed beneath the two floors above it. Sixteen residents, all on the first floor, died as a result. Why did the [...]

Los Angeles Soft-Story Retrofit2021-05-20T09:13:57-07:00
10 April

Foundation Repair & Earthquake Retrofitting Experts


WE ARE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA’S #1 FOUNDATION REPAIR SPECIALISTS! For nearly 45 years, Weinstein Construction has been the #1 foundation repair and earthquake retrofitting company in Southern California, serving the needs of residents in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Orange, Ventura counties and surrounding areas. We have provided homeowners residing in “Earthquake Country” with more than 70,000 free, no-obligation building inspections! Using [...]

Foundation Repair & Earthquake Retrofitting Experts2022-09-21T18:42:09-07:00
28 August



RETROFITTING LOS ANGELES BUILDINGS IS AFFORDABLE! We provide earthquake stabilization services We help reinforce existing structures We carry out foundation repair and replacement We are licensed, bonded and insured SEISMIC RETROFITTING COMMERCIAL STRUCTURES Commercial retrofitting is the modification of existing commercial structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity. Once retrofit, commercial structures can withstand side-to-side ground [...]

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