Decorative Gabion


Gabions are decorative galvanized wire containers that are filled with hard materials such as decorative rocks or glass chunks.  These designer baskets have tremendous curb appeal, and can be used in a variety of ways to offer tremendous protection to homes and commercial structures (e.g., when used as sloped paving, construction weirs, and retaining walls).

Interestingly, gabions were used for centuries to create wartime barricades to defend against enemy invasion.  Today, Weinstein Construction offers this innovative and popular solution as protection for your home against Mother Nature’s harsh elements.  Gabions are especially useful as a cost-effective way of fighting soil erosion or protecting structures against high-velocity water flow, as gabions disperse water pressure through openings in the rocks, which then creates a natural drainage runoff.

And did we also mention this type of retaining wall is actually more affordable than many others?   This is because gabion baskets are easy and inexpensive to transport and build! Take a look at the photos on this page, which show a Weinstein Construction crew receive a shipment of decorative rocks, wash them, then hand-place them into easily-prepared wire containers.  Our crews select only the best-looking rocks, sort them into various sizes, and then fit them perfectly into the baskets. The end result is spectacular! 

Give Weinstein Construction’s experts a call today to discuss the benefits of gabion baskets, and let us demonstrate to you why using gabions is such an attractive and cost-effective solution!

Weinstein Construction installing decorative gabion
landscape decorative gabion

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    David Horn

    We had a retrofit of our basement, with a big retaining wall. I’ve been in the real estate and construction business for many years, and I got a job that I didn’t expect would be as good as it was, or as clean as it was. Anytime you want a reference, you can contact me.

    David Horn

    David Smith

    Weinstein Construction redid my foundation and retaining wall and I’m very happy with the work.

    David Smith