Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair

House Foundation Crack Repair Before & After

Every crack in foundation is unique

A severely cracked foundation in Earthquake Country is much like driving fast on a freeway without a seatbelt and without any brakes. Having a cracked foundation is extremely dangerous and leaves your entire investment at risk. So Weinstein Construction offers Foundation Crack Repair services.

At any moment, the “Big One” can strike, causing your home to completely crumble or fall off the entire foundation from a variety of different causes.

An expert from Weinstein Construction can determine exactly where the cracks and how they are developed. There is a variety of different kinds of cracks, just as there are different foundation repair methods to fix them, and Weinstein Construction can help you with all types and severities.

A basic crack repair can consist of simply fixing a hairline crack using epoxy injections and metal straps. When it comes to bigger cracks, an entire foundation wall may need to be replaced. The new wall is built with rebar to provide your home with the best protection. All of these options will allow you to sleep better at night, knowing your home is as safe and secure as it can be.

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    Concrete Foundation Repair in la

    Foundation repair are a few things that scares a great deal of individuals as a result of they merely don’t grasp abundant concerning it. Repairing a foundation isn’t an absolute – that’s to mention the house owner forever has choices. very first thing is whether or not the foundation really has to be repaired. Here square measure many signs that you just will explore for in your own residence that might mean your foundation might have to be repaired:

    • Are the floors sloping?
    • Are there cracks around door frames or window frames?
    • Are there cracks within the exterior walls or foundation walls?
    • Are there doors or windows that don’t open or shut properly?
    • Is there separation of walls from connected walls, floors or ceilings?
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    Leaky windows: Window frames break down over time, create separation and allow past seals to be filled with water. Again, a drainage scheme is the first step to repair window leaks, which funnels the water to your sump pump. Then we will generate a tiny hole under the window in the wall with a plastic fitting that will direct any water into the drainage scheme. This is then sealed to a smooth, waterproof finish with a polymer injection.

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    Protect your home from our crack repair wall crack repair alternatives. It is vital to repair wall cracks to prevent leaks and to ensure that your foundation is stable.

    Floor cracks: Water can rise straight through your floor slab’s porous concrete, an issue that is exacerbated when a crack occurs. The first step is to install a perimeter drain system when you have water coming through the ground. We can also install a direct drainage channel that will assist guide any water entering the drain and your sump pump through the crack. Finally, to avoid future leaks, we will fill the crack with stone and cover it with new concrete.

    Wall cracks: the soil is packed with water around your base, and even the smallest crack will enable this groundwater to flow into your cellar. Like with floor cracks, one of our drainage systems is installed as the first step to repair a leaky wall crack. Then we use an innovative FlexiSpan ® polyurethane sealant to seal the crack. This flexible sealant will never dry or crack and can bend to your foundation wall’s natural motion, providing a seal that is totally waterproof.

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    Yolanda Vitkoff

    Weinstein came in and described for us what was entailed, I became very satisfied with the after result of it, and I’ve noticed a difference because my house doesn’t smell of humidity anymore. I’ve noticed a change also in the temperature in both houses, so I’m very satisfied.

    Yolanda Vitkoff

    Frank Lister

    I certainly would recommend Weinstein Construction for any foundation or retrofitting on your house!

    Frank Lister