Inspection Report

Inspection Report: Free Inspection Residential Homeowners!

Weinstein Retrofitting Systems is offering a complete inspection of your property to see if the property meets current earthquake retrofitting codes and standards, as is often a requirement to obtain earthquake insurance.

Our inspector will come to your home, perform a thorough inspection around and under your house and will give you an observation report, and fill out any necessary forms for your earthquake insurance company, noting any issues which may jeopardize the safety of your house and your family.

We will prepare a written report with an estimate. There is no obligation on your behalf to complete the job with Weinstein Retrofitting Systems, but if you decide to complete the work with us, we will schedule the work promptly and give you the quality of work that is synonymous with our company.

For Real Estate and Escrow

Weinsteing Construction works with real estate agency companies, doing our best to help agents and sellers to speed their process and making sure that every property that we inspect meets all current earthquake retrofitting codes as per the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, as well as FEMA’s guidelines and/or your local building codes.

Inspection Service Fee: $200*

For Insurance Certification & Compliance

Today homeowners in California are often required to provide their insurance agents proof of having an earthquake safe home before becoming eligible for receiving earthquake insurance. An industry trend growing more popular, there are even some agents who do not consider new clients for any homeowner’s insurance without proper certification for earthquake retrofitting.

If you are becoming qualified to insure your home for earthquakes, then Weinstein Construction Corp. can help you with all proper documentation and certification. We will accurately fill out all earthquake insurance certificate forms and then send them to your agent or qualifying agency.

Insurance Certification: $150*

We Can Help!

Insurance Certificate

  • Verify that your home is ready for the next major earthquake and equipped with the latest, most up-to-code foundation anchor bolting, cripple wall bracing, and water heater strapping.
  • If you have previously had Weinstein Construction do work at your home or property and need follow-up certification.
  • Obtaining earthquake insurance for your home but do not yet have the proper earthquake retrofitting installed. We can help the necessary paperwork to provide your insurance company.

*The inspection fee is always credited to any service that Weinstein Retrofitting Systems performs.

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