House Leveling

House Leveling: Does My Home Need Leveling?

  • Floors are sinking or shifting
  • Squeaking floors and Bumps
  • Cracks in the walls, floors, and/or ceilings
  • Difficulty using doors and windows

floor leveling overview

What is Leveling?

It is very common for homeowners to live in homes with unleveled floors. House leveling is a way to fix that.

Leveling is the the act of evening the floor inside and around a home to its initial position and condition. These floors are capable of being put back into their original leveled position. Leveling not only fixes the aesthetic problems with unleveled floors, but it also makes the home much safer to live in as well.

House Leveling

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Floor Leveling

Many people just adapt to problems that come from floors that are not leveled. Even though issues like this are very common and may seem petty, they can actually cause anything from minor issues to very significant subsequent problems and damage.

Unleveled floors are primarily caused by either support issues, foundation settling, or moisture problems. Over time, it is inevitable that your home’s foundation will start to settle. Floor leveling is a very delicate and complex process that leaves absolutely no room for error.

The process is done by using a variety of advanced tools and methods that actually lift the property from the foundation. From there, the floor is adjusted so that it is evenly leveled on to the foundation. In order for the work to be maintained and increase the longevity of the new leveled floor, concrete piers and wood posts are added for support.

Self-Leveling Concrete

Concrete is one of the most tough and sturdy materials known to man. However, as strong as concrete is, does not mean that concrete slabs do not require leveling to be done. Actually concrete leveling needs to be taken care of just as frequently as other flooring does. The methods and materials used in to accomplish evenly leveled concrete slabs is much different. The method is usually much quicker, but just as efficient. Sloping, cracking, and sinking slabs are not only just evident within the home, but can be apparent throughout the entire property. The process is done using an environmentally friendly material called the Mapei Ultraplan 1 Plus. The process of leveling concrete slabs, does not require lifting anything on your property up, but rather just using what is already there to create a flat and even surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my home needs leveling?
Are any of the floors in your house sloping? Do you have cracks in your walls or ceilings? Are you having trouble closing any of the doors or windows? When you walk around the house, do the floors squeak? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is more than likely that you need leveling done to your home.  Some of these problems may sound very common, but they should not be ignored.  If you are have any further concerns about leveling your home, feel free to give us a call.  We will come out to your home for a FREE inspection and let you know if there are any leveling problems.
How much does it cost to level my house?
The cost of leveling your home depends on what you need done.  Some jobs do not require much work, while others may need a lot more time and effort.  No matter how much the repair costs, it will ALWAYS be much cheaper than the damage that can occur if it is not repaired.  Unleveled floors can ruin an entire house if they are not properly taken care of.  If your floor is not leveled, your home is not stable. Floor leveling services cost only a fraction of the price it would be to repair the damage once it has occurred. If you have a problem, we have a solution at the right price.
Do I need a permit to level my home?
Most leveling jobs require a permit, besides self-leveling. You do not need a permit for this job because it is a much more basic job.  We will take care of the permits for all other leveling jobs.  However, you are free to get the permits on your own if you like.  We make sure that every job is done up to city code.
How long will it take to level my home?
The average floor leveling job takes 4-6 days to complete. A home can be leveled in as little as 3 days with the self-leveling option.  The time it takes to complete the job, just depends on how much work needs to be done.  We complete every job as quick as we can with the best quality possible.


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