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Foundation Replacement Step by Step Process

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Foundation replacement can give your home a fresh start!  You won’t have to think about repairing your cracking foundation any time soon, and your home will instantly have all the support it needs. Moreover, the costs to lift a house and replace a foundation can be very reasonable!

Weinstein Construction typically offers a full foundation replacement service when a foundation is on its last legs and when repairing the foundation is no longer an option (for example, when it cannot be done in a timely or cost-effective manner).  Most homeowners who seek to replace a home’s foundation have simply determined, with the help of a structural engineer, that the foundation has suffered so much damage that it simply cannot be repaired.

During a foundation replacement, the old foundation needs to be broken down and taken out. Once that step is complete, fresh concrete is poured and a new foundation is constructed. Once the concrete is poured, it will need some time to dry and “cure” before it is ready to be used.

Not every contractor is skilled at removing an old foundation and pouring a new one.  A home’s foundation supports the entire structure and as such, must be constructed carefully, methodically, and using correct, top-quality materials. The little details play a very important part on such a job, and if it is not done properly, the entire structure can suffer major damage. Having said that, rest assured that the professionals at Weinstein Construction are deeply experienced in removing and replacing a foundation, and our promise to you is that once your home’s new foundation is in place, it will have the support it needs to protect you and your family!

    Schedule a Free Inspection!

    Keep in mind the following initial warning signs that will let you know that you need to contact Weinstein Construction and ask for one of our free, no-obligation consultations:

    • Sloping or sagging floors
    • Visible cracks in ceilings
    • Gaps appearing between walls and floors
    • Walls beginning to lean or bow and
    • Floor cracks appearing.

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    In situations where a home’s foundation has sustained severe damage and can’t be adequately or cost-effectively repaired, replacing the entire foundation is the only way to maintain the strength and sturdiness of your home. Causes of such a catastrophic scenario range from seismic activity to landslides or flooding that may cause a sudden erosion of the soil under the foundation. 

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    Occasionally, incompetent engineering, shoddy original building practices, or the use of substandard materials provides the “fatal flaw” that damages a home’s foundation. Fortunately, helping owners diagnose and resolve such issues is where the talented professionals at Weinstein Construction come in. We have the competencies and experience to help you take care of all your foundation needs. We understand foundation repair and replacement and we bring the right tools and methodologies to do the job right, at a reasonable cost! 

    Common examples of foundation damage include:

    • Poorly compacted soil base, causing the foundation to sink or shear
    • Large and excessive range of cracks that build over time
    • Unusual, substandard, or unsound building materials employed in the original construction (e.g., cheap, low-quality concrete)
    • Not allowing the foundation to “cure” for the right period of time, leaving it in a porous and unstable state
    • Voids or hollow spots that develop within the foundation
    • Extended exposure to water, humidity, or frost
    • An interrupted concrete pour which makes an unintentional “joint” within the concrete and
    • Using materials such as brick, stone, or un-strengthened masonry.

    When do I need to replace my home’s foundation? 

    Damages to your home’s foundation can often be repaired using a variety of industry-standard techniques. However, there are times where the deterioration to a home’s foundation is so complete and so dangerous to life and property, that the value of required repairs can exceed the cost of replacing the complete foundation. Causes of such a catastrophic scenario range from strong seismic activity to landslides or flooding that may cause a sudden erosion of the soil under the foundation. In other words, in some cases, a foundation simply cannot be replaced.

    How much does it cost to replace a home’s foundation?

    The cost to jack up a house and replace a foundation are not inconsequential, but such foundation replacement costs are well worth it, when you take into consideration the damage that can be caused to your home if you don’t take care of a bad foundation. Foundation replacement techniques vary, and Weinstein Construction’s experts can help provide you with lots of good information in this regard. Under some circumstances, we can repair or replace a foundation without lifting the house and so give us a call and check out the foundation replacement pictures on this page to see how one can replace a foundation under an existing house.