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Does your foundation suffer from any of the following warning signs of foundation problems?

  • Cracked interior walls
  • Basement leaks
  • Cracks in ceilings, floor or floor tiles
  • Visible exterior cracks in stucco

  • Uneven and/or sloping floors
  • Sticky doors and windows

  • Squeaking floors
  • Any cracks in the foundation

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The cost of Los Angeles foundation repairs and basement
waterproofing doesn’t have to be expensive!

We offer free, no-obligation foundation inspections and assessments that diagnose foundation symptoms and truly get to the root cause of your home’s structural problems. From foundation repair and replacement, to planning and permitting, we can do it all for you from A to Z!

So, how much does foundation repair cost?

Homeowners in the Los Angeles area will be pleased to learn that many Los Angeles foundation repairs can be addressed easily at a cost of only 1% – 3% of the value of the home! Simple repairs may cost even less!

Los Angeles Foundation Repair techniques vary and foundation damage varies as well.

One thing is sure: those homeowners who catch damage early may just need to repair a few cracks and improve the drainage around their house to funnel water away from their property! Why take a chance? In comparison, if your small cracks lead to bigger damage that requires a complete foundation replacement, the cost can end up being 5% – 10% of the value of your home. Don’t delay, schedule your free foundation evaluation today!

When do I need to replace my home’s foundation?

Los Angeles foundation repair contractors can help you identify the warning signs to watch out for as you consider basement leak repair, basement wall repair, or concrete home foundation repair:

  • Sloping or droopy floors
  • Visible ceilings cracks
  • Gaps showing between walls and floors
  • Walls that lean or bow
  • Floor cracks showing
  • home foundation cracks
  • repair foundation cracks
  • house foundation cracks
  • Foundation Repair in Los Angeles

If you are asking, “are there Los Angeles foundation repair companies near me?” or “are there foundation repair specialists near me?” then the answer is YES and you are reading the right page! There are a lot of companies that claim to be the best foundation repair contractors in Los Angeles but Weinstein Construction Retrofitting and Foundation Repair have been building, repairing, and waterproofing foundations in the Los Angeles area for over 45 years.

So, what’s our foundation repair process?

If you are looking for the best foundation repair contractors, our Los Angeles foundation repair specialists will help determine if replacing your foundation is the right strategy, the following strategies typically hold true:

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  • Foundation repair costs can be very reasonable, if you catch them early, and the damage is not too extreme. Basic foundation crack repair methods typically involve filling the cracks with epoxy that solidifies and connects the concrete back together again. In some cases, metal straps are also used to bind the separated concrete portions to one another.
  • If homeowners don’t make small repairs when needed, cracking in a foundation can become more extensive over time, at which point a portion (or all) of the foundation may need to be replaced. At that point, if it is necessary to lift the house entirely off of the existing foundation, we can do so; however, lifting a foundation is not always required.
  • Not every Los Angeles foundation repair contractor is skilled enough to remove an old foundation and pour a new one! Unfortunately, some contractors hold themselves out as foundation repair experts even when they don’t have the right tools and experience to do this work. At the end of the day, foundation repair work must be done carefully, according to strict codes, and using correct, top-quality materials.
  • Most importantly, early foundation repairs of minor damage are always, always going to be quicker and cheaper than waiting for the damage to become more severe. This is one area where early warning and maintenance is important. This is a safety matter, as a strong earthquake can cause a damaged foundation to fall apart, and for the home above to slide completely off!
Los Angeles Foundation Repair

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Does my home’s foundation need to be repaired?2021-09-23T18:44:59-07:00

If your home was built before 1970, then the answer is YES. There are a variety of different signs that your foundation needs repair. One of the most common signs is if you have cracks in your walls or ceilings. As well as squeaky floors when you are walking around. Cracked concrete floors are another major sign that your foundation is in need of repair. There are other problems that may not be even more serious, but can not be seen as easily. If you have any doubts about the stability of your home, do not wait! If you are not sure if you need a foundation repair, we will come to you for a FREE inspection. If there is a problem, we will find it!

Is Foundation Repair Expensive?2021-09-02T19:50:22-07:00

We offer a variety of effective methods at different price ranges in order to fit every property owner’s needs. You can take a look above at some of our different service types, so that you can properly assess which method may be right for you. Many property owners are quick to make repairs on their own because we do not always realize the severity of the problem and of course we are always looking to save a few bucks. However, foundation repair is not something that you want to take any shortcuts with. The subsequent damage that can occur from not having your foundation repaired in a timely manner can be extremely costly. In some cases, the damage can be so bad your property is irreparable and can cause your entire investment to crumble. Having your foundation repaired is only a small fraction of what the subsequent damage can wind up costing you.

How much does a foundation repair cost?2022-01-12T23:09:09-08:00

Early repairs of minor damage are always going to be quicker and cheaper than waiting for the damage to become more severe. If you catch foundation damage early, you may just need to repair a few cracks and improve the drainage around your house to funnel rainwater away from your property. Such early repairs to a damaged foundation, even a raised foundation, are not very costly and can be taken care of for about 1% – 3% of the value of the home. In comparison, waiting for the damage to spread to the point where foundation repair is no longer an option can be a very costly mistake, as the cost of completely replacing a foundation can easily run 5% – 10% of the value of the home! In cases of severe damage, replacing the entire foundation is the only way to maintain the strength and sturdiness of a home.

How long will it take to repair my foundation?2021-09-23T18:51:15-07:00

In most cases, we can repair your foundation in 3-5 days. Some jobs may take longer depending on the work that needs to be done. We will let you know how long the job will take before we begin. We know how important your time is. We try to complete every job as fast as possible, without taking away quality.

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