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We are the #1 foundation repair and earthquake retrofitting company in Southern California

We have provided homeowners residing in “Earthquake Country” with more than 70,000 free, no-obligation building inspections and we have completed over 7500 retrofit jobs in the Greater Los Angeles region! Our promise to you is that when we meet, we will display an uncompromising commitment to understanding your needs, and fully explain the risks and stresses that can potentially impact your structure.

So, what’s the EBB process?

You will have 12 weeks to submit the required pre-retrofit photos and documents, and contact us for a FREE evaluation and quotation.

IMPORTANT! To remain eligible to receive the EBB grant, do not begin your retrofit construction work before receiving EBB’s approval of your uploaded documents.

The Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program

This state-funded program, called “Earthquake Brace + Bolt” (“EBB”) takes applications for a very limited time in EBB Eligible Zip Code areas once or twice a year. The application deadline varies and we will post as soon as it is announced. The EBB Program will provide grants of up to $3,000 to thousands of homeowners to subsidize their cost of seismic retrofitting their homes!  Since the EBB was established back in 2013, it has provided more than 15,700 homeowners with grants to have their homes retrofitted.

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Moreover, homeowners with a household income at or below $87,360, can also qualify for additional, EBB Supplemental Grant For Low-Income Homeowners, that can potentially cover the full cost of seismic retrofitting.  This is just like getting your home earthquake retrofitted, and having the Government pay for it!


This means that you may be able to retrofit your home for FREE!

Great reviews from our happy EBB customers!

Weinstein Construction has been part of the California earthquake retrofit program for many years. We can be found on the Earthquake Brace and Bolt directory and you can see the many Five Star reviews we have received from our participation in Brace and Bolt

Weinstein Construction were a pleasure to work with; completed all aspects of the job as they said they would do; were on time; and came in at the best price of any contractors we checked with. Other than some registration we had to do, they took care of all the “paperwork.” Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. We received funds from the EBB to be used for the brace and bolting, and we only paid a few hundred dollars more than the state grant. I highly recommend Weinstein Construction.
We chose Weinstein Construction because previous reviewers indicated that Weinstein did a good job and made the whole process very easy for the homeowner and they were 100% correct. It was speedy and without any problems. I want to especially commend office manager Angela. She is so nice, helpful and efficient. She even Facetimed me so she could see my screen and guide me through the electronic signature process.
As a retired/aging construction professional I had considered retrofitting my house myself. Fortunately, I decided to engage Weinstein Construction to do it instead. They have been specializing in retrofitting since the 1970’s and are extremely knowledgeable with the construction requirements, the quality of the work was excellent, as was the processing of all the paper work. Every contact with a person from Weinstein was pleasant, productive and handled with courtesy. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Have More Questions?

Read some of our frequently asked questions and past customer reviews

What is retrofitting?2023-11-06T07:31:57-08:00

Simply stated, it’s a process that ties a home together. It increase the resistance to earthquake damage and decreases the risk of injury. In short, it significantly strengthens the house.

Is it expensive to have my home earthquake retrofitted?2021-09-23T18:57:10-07:00

Do you drive your car without insurance? If not, why would you live in a home that hasn’t been earthquake retrofitted? We can say with certainty that it is much more affordable to retrofit your home against earthquakes, than it is to repair your home after it is damaged in an earthquake! The standard earthquake retrofitting job may cost a few thousand dollars, but the damage from a single earthquake can easily cost more than 10 times that amount. Moreover, in some circumstances, the extent of earthquake damage may be so severe and extensive that the property is not repairable, forcing the home owner to either rebuild the home from scratch or purchase and move into a new home. And so the question is, how can you put a cost on sleeping better at night, knowing that you and your family are safe? Of course such peace of mind is priceless! And don’t forget that you might even receive a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premiums!

Are there different options and prices that I can choose from?2023-11-16T06:26:18-08:00

Yes, of course. There are a variety of options from you to choose from, all at various prices points that most homeowners can afford. Weinstein Construction professionals can come to your home as soon as the next day for a free, no-obligation inspection and consultation. From there, we will give you as many different choices and prices to choose as are available, based upon the condition of your house and the amount of work we will need to do to make your home safer. No matter what services you need and what kind of budget you are on, we will have the right solution for you!

Do I need a permit for this service?2024-01-11T14:27:33-08:00

Yes. You will need a permit for most earthquake retrofitting services. However, Weinstein Construction professionals will take care of the entire permitting process for you (unless of course, you would like to do it on your own). Weinstein Construction can partner with civil engineering firms near you to provide you with exceptional quality engineering plans for your project. In most cases, home owners want us to make sure that all of the right permits are pulled correctly for the job we do.

How do I know if my home needs earthquake retrofitting?2023-11-16T06:25:30-08:00

If you home was built before the 1970s, then you may very well need earthquake retrofitting. Proper earthquake retrofitting in the greater Los Angeles area was not a standard practice for most homes built before the 1970s. Moreover, even if your home was retrofitted in some fashion in the 1970s, or was even built after the 1970s, there’s still a substantial chance that your home will need additional support. Why take the chance? Call Weinstein Construction professionals for a free, no-obligation assessment of your home’s needs. The next “Big One” can strike anytime, and you need to make sure that your home and family are as safe as they can possibly be. Remember, when we talk about earthquakes, it’s not “if” the next “Big One” hits, it’s “when” it hits…

How long does it take to get the job done?2021-09-02T19:42:52-07:00

Typically, your home will have protection in 1-3 days. Having said that, much depends on your home’s condition and what needs to be accomplished. This type of a job typically does not take a very long time to complete, and it will do so much good for your home. Don’t delay or take a chance that an earthquake will damage your home – call Weinstein Construction today for a free, no-obligation consultation!

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