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16 April

How To Choose Residential Foundation Repair Service


The foundation is what keeps any structure standing upright and strong. Not only is the foundation the first part to be built of any structure, it is also the most important. If there is any damage to the foundation the entire structure becomes weak and vulnerable to falling down at any time. You should make sure to assess your foundation in case you need a [...]

How To Choose Residential Foundation Repair Service2019-04-09T08:20:06-07:00
11 April

Soft Story Retrofit in Los Angeles: The Average Construction Costs


One of the most common questions we get during a site assessment is how much will a soft story retrofit process cost? Let’s dive into that today. When the mandatory soft story retrofit program in Los Angeles became an ordinance (Ordinance 183893) in October 2015, it was difficult to calculate the construction costs. But ever since then, more than 1,000 multistory properties have been retrofitted [...]

Soft Story Retrofit in Los Angeles: The Average Construction Costs2021-03-25T20:39:44-07:00
9 April

Questions to Ask Foundation Repair Specialists


Foundation repair is a challenging job. Foundation repair specialists usually have a ton of experience before they can attain some credibility. When you hire professionals to take a look at the foundation of your house and diagnose any problems, you must know the right questions to ask. There are things that no foundation repair contractor will tell you unless you ask. The answers to these [...]

Questions to Ask Foundation Repair Specialists2019-04-09T08:28:33-07:00
16 January

A Fan-Made Seahawks Earthquake is Shaking Things Up


What's That Rattle in Seattle? A Seismic Celebration! You may have heard about the recent wave -- please excuse the earthquake pun -- of rocking, rolling, stomping, hooting, and hollering amongst Seahawk fans inside the CenturyLink Field stadium in Seattle. This vibrant activity has been enough to be felt blocks away from the stadium and even to set off local seismic sensors in the [...]

A Fan-Made Seahawks Earthquake is Shaking Things Up2019-01-24T14:39:52-08:00
15 January

Resilience By Design


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled a plan last month that will require Los Angeles to structurally prepare for the impending major earthquake many scientists predict will happen over the next decade. The Los Angeles City Council discussed the plan this week, taking the first step at working out the kinks in the plan before it is approved. The plan, known as Resilience by Design, [...]

Resilience By Design2021-04-29T09:00:51-07:00
6 January

5 Earthquake Safety Tips For 2015


Start Your Year Off Right! Happy New Year! It is 2015 and everything is off to a fresh start. It feels as if the future is now and that anything is possible. Ok, so they're still working out the kinks for the hoverboards we were promised in Back to the Future Part II; but technology is getting closer every day. That said, there is a [...]

5 Earthquake Safety Tips For 20152018-08-08T07:47:47-07:00
11 September

Soft Story Building Reinforcement


Rewind to January 17th Earthquake hits Reseda California in the wee hours of the morning as families across the city are awakened from their slumber in a panic. The earthquake, which measured out to a magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter Scale, could be felt as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada. As confused and panicked families and individuals alike rush for safety, they are [...]

Soft Story Building Reinforcement2018-08-08T07:47:47-07:00
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