California’s Mandatory Balcony Inspection Laws – Use this “Decision Tree” to see if California SB 721 and California SB 326 apply to your building!

One of our favorite clients asked us the other day for additional guidance regarding the State of California’s new mandatory “Balcony Inspection Laws”, and suggested it would be helpful if we put together a “Decision Tree” that building owners and managers can use to determine whether or not their building needs to be inspected as per the requirements of California SB 721 and California SB 326, which require mandatory safety inspections and repair of damaged balconies and other “Exterior Elevated Elements” (“EEE”).

And so, because we like to please our clients, we put together this California Balcony Inspection Laws decision tree, which you can review in conjunction with the information below!

California SB 721 and California SB 326

SB 721 SB 326
Relates to commercial apartment buildings. Relates to condominiums or multi-family housing that is controlled by Condominium association.
Safety inspection by January 1, 2025, and thereafter, at least every six years. Safety inspection by January 1, 2025, and thereafter, at least every nine years.
Safety inspections must be done by a licensed architect, civil or structural engineer, or a specialty-license building contractor.
Inspectors must review the structural integrity of EEEs, which include, among others: decks, balconies, stairways, and walkways (including supports, railings, and associated waterproofing elements) that:  (a) rely in whole or in part on wood structural supports; (b) are elevated more than six feet above ground level; and (c) are designed for human occupancy or use.

Act now!  As the inspection due date looms closer, the small numbers of inspectors, engineers, and qualified balcony repair contractors in the Los Angeles region will be struggling to cope with inspecting and repairing thousands of apartment and condo buildings!  This means balcony inspection fees and balcony repair construction costs will soar, the closer you get to the inspection deadline!

Have your building inspected earlier, rather than later, and reap the benefits of more flexibility in scheduling an inspection, as well as lower costs for inspection and remediation (if any).   call Weinstein Construction today at (800) 862-6582 to schedule your free “California Balcony Law” consultation – take advantage of lower prices today and get help in planning for this important and mandatory inspection program!

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