At Weinstein Construction, we are very excited to inform all our neighbors and friends that the  California Earthquake Authority retrofitting grant program has now opened back up! Weinstein Construction Corporation is an EBB approved, FEMA authorized, and FEMA trained contractor (in fact, we have been FEMA certified since 1994!). Weinstein Construction has also been on the EBB Directory for many years, and we are fully-qualified to participate in the EBB Program as earthquake brace and bolt contractors.

The Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program

This state-funded program, called “Earthquake Brace + Bolt” (“EBB”) is now taking applications, and will provide grants of up to $3,000 to thousands of homeowners to subsidize their cost of seismic retrofitting their homes!  Since the EBB was established back in 2013, it has provided more than 15,700 homeowners with grants to have their homes retrofitted.

Moreover, homeowners with a household income at or below $72,080, can also qualify for additional, EBB Supplemental Grant For Low-Income Homeowners, that can potentially cover the full cost of seismic retrofitting.  This is just like getting your home earthquake retrofitted, and having the Government pay for it!

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How does the EBB program work?

The EBB program operates across 395 ZIP codes, many of which are in the Greater Los Angeles region.  The eligible ZIP codes are chosen based upon seismic risk and concentration of older homes.

To see if your home is in one of the eligible ZIP codes that have opened up, check the EBB program eligible zip-codes website.

If you live in one of the ZIP codes listed on the EBB website, your application is due by December 9, 2021.  You can complete and application and Register for the EBB Program.

Don’t delay – the EBB program is just waiting for eligible homeowners to complete an application!  This is an important initiative that homeowners should not miss out on, as explained by Janiele Maffei, chief mitigation officer of the California Earthquake Authority, who said in a recent statement:

“Bolting houses to their foundations and bracing the crawl space walls can help Californians protect their families, their homes and their investments.  We’re pleased to extend additional support to income-eligible homeowners to help cover up to 100% of the cost of a seismic retrofit, and we encourage all eligible homeowners in EBB ZIP Codes to apply for funding now.”

Don’t miss this opportunity!  At Weinstein Construction, we are offering our own Homeowner Incentive Program, in conjunction with the EBB!  Most small homes can be retrofitted for about $3,000, and we will wait to get paid by the EBB, so there will be no money coming out of your pocket, and retrofitting your house will be free for you!  You don’t have to wait for the “Big One” to see if your home can withstand an earthquake, so call Weinstein Construction today at (818) 334-6657, so we can schedule you for a free inspection and estimate!

* Adapted from,, October 27, 2021.

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