Floor leveling may not seem like a major problem, but it can still be annoying. The doors and windows won’t close, the squeaking of floors can ruin the aesthetics and if untreated it could turn into something much worse. In fact, unleveled floors might be a clue to a bigger issue in the foundation of your house. As soon as you notice the leveling issue in your house, start paying more attention to the walls and the floor of the crawl space. It might be the time to consult foundation repair specialists to ensure that there is no significant damage to the foundation.

Misalignment of the floor can be from foundation settling or even a moisture problem in the soil. If that’s the case, you can’t leave it in that state for very long. Its best that you get it repaired or replaced if the problem persists.

Could residential foundation repair services solve the problem?

It’s definitely the solution to your leveling issues as well as many other problems that might subsequently follow, if foundation needs it.

House related problems are best to be treated sooner than later, otherwise it might affect the other parts of the house, and worst case scenario, the whole structure might crumble and collapse. As long as you see to its timely repair, there is nothing to stress about. Foundation repair specialists have a solution to everything.

Cracking and sinking of concrete slabs are a common occurrence in many homes. It could be for a few reasons.

One efficient way to level the floor is by using a self-leveling compound called Mapei Ultraplan. It won’t affect the other areas of your house, it is a safe process and usually doesn’t take much time.

How long does it take?

As an average, it requires about 4-6 days to complete. However, sometimes a leveling issue is from a deeper problem in the foundation. It will need to be dealt with before applying any self-leveling material to even the surface.

Residential foundation repair is crucial if you want to avoid cracks on your house walls and bear the risk of crumbling of the entire structure.

Minor cracks can be patched up in no time, and you can forget all about the settling issues. But if it’s serious its best to go with the expert’s recommendations and fix it once.