Yes, our “California Rainy Season” is a blessing, but it’s also a dangerous time for homeowners!

Every year, when folks elsewhere in the country are experiencing icy and snowy weather, residents of our fair city of Los Angeles are experiencing what we call our “Rainy Season”, which begins on or about October 15 and ends around April 15.  During this time, our city suffers through a soggy deluge of about 15 inches of rain, while at the same time, maintaining fairly pleasant and sunny days, with mild temperatures. Our California rainy season checklist will help homeowners “weather the storms”.

While we definitely want and need rain, there are good reasons why many Angelinos hold their breath during a rain storm!  This is because any land that has vegetation dried out from months without rain, is susceptible to flooding.  In Los Angeles, where many homes are built on hillsides and below hills, land that has little vegetation has nothing to hold its soil in place.  When such land experiences rainfall, it simply passes the rain along without any of it soaking into the earth.  This can trigger a wild flow of debris in the form of mud, rocks, and trees, all of which simply slide downhill, taking out anything in its path:  cars, roads, and homes!

Homeowners Use Our “Rainy Season Checklist” to prepare!

Homeowners in Los Angeles must prepare for the Rainy Season.  With just a few simple steps, it’s easy to keep your home and family safe and secure!  Here’s your Rainy Season Checklist!

Be aware! If you live on a hillside, or if your home is located below a hill, you should be aware of your flood risk!

  • Check the slopes above your home to see if they have loose soil, rocks, or brush, or if there’s a lack vegetation up on the hill, as during storms all of it can wash down causing damage or blocking drainage devices. If you or your neighbors identify loose material or sparsely planted areas, ask your local home association or city government what their plans are for mitigating the risk of rain falling on such slopes and causing mudslides.
  • If you don’t have any flood insurance, this is the time to make sure you are covered, before storms hit!

Check around your home! Look around your home to see if you can identify any trouble spots!

  • Are any of your trees in trouble: are their roots exposed?  If your trees seem to be wobbly, call an experienced Tree Service company to assist!
  • Are your roof gutters and down spouts clean? Are your drains clear?  This is the time to check your drains and pipes for any sign of damage or blockage by silt, weeds, and debris!  Water should be able to run smoothly away from your gutters and drains!
  • Is water draining properly away from your property and into the street (or other water course)? Water intrusion into your home can cause serious structural damage and will also cause mold, bacteria, and fungus to grow on the organic materials your home is made out of, and this can create an unhealthy environment for all who live in the home!
  • If water is not draining away properly from your property, this is the time to consult drain contractors such as Weinstein Construction, who can install a yard drainage system, including French drainage installation, trench drains, sump pumps, catch basins, drain boxes, retaining walls, and more.

Be Better Prepared! This is the time to evaluate whether you are prepared for flooding.

  •  Maybe it’s time to buy some tools, plywood, portable sump pump, water vacuum, and sandbags so you have them on-hand in case you need them? Hint:  your local fire station may have free sandbags for you in the event of a pending major storm!  By using sandbags, you may be able to divert some of the flow of mud and debris away from your property.  Once the mud flow starts, it’s just too late to plan for protection!
  • Click here to review a “Homeowners Guide for Flood, Debris Flow, and Erosion Control” guide, published by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.
  • Finally, inspect your basement waterproofing for water damage. Your home’s basement is especially vulnerable to damage from moisture intrusion, which can cause mold, mildew, termites, and even the occasional dead critter!  Waterproofing a basement wall is a must, to ensure that your basement remains clean and dry!

Act now, the rains are here and our rainy season checklist is just the start!  You can trust the professionals at Weinstein Construction to help you with all your drainage solutions, including leaky basement repair and basement wall sealing.  We are the Los Angeles region’s best retaining walls contractor, and leading basement waterproofing companies

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