Los Angeles Foundation Repair

Foundation cracks in Los Angeles are very common because in this city, we build our homes on top of soft clay soil that expands during our rainy seasons and contracts during our dry seasons.  This back-and-forth movement happens constantly, and it doesn’t just happen in one direction!  Incredibly, a home’s foundation can be lifted, moved, and set back down in a rather uneven manner which can damage and crack it quite easily.

Add to that, water seeping into the foundation and making it brittle, and then the power of an earthquake (even a small one!) and you can have some big foundation repair issues occurring right under your nose!  So how can homeowners predict that a foundation repair may be necessary?

Here are the top 4 clues!

  • Your home was built prior to 1950! If your home was built prior to 1950, then you should definitely have your foundation inspected to see how it has been holding up.  This is because back then, foundations were made from unreinforced concrete slabs as thin as two inches that were poured over unstable top soil that was not properly compacted.  Many old foundations are often found damaged today!
  • Your home is unusually humid! When the overall structure of your home is misaligned and your foundation is cracked, moisture from the outside may be getting in, either evaporating from underground, seeping in from rainwater collecting around the home, or through a leaky and misaligned roof.  If your home is humid, musty, or even a bit smelly, get your foundation checked immediately!
  • Home features are slowly cracking! If you see the stucco finish outside your home cracking, or internal tiles, plaster walls, or ceilings cracking, these foreshadow potentially very serious issues happening with your home’s foundation!
  • Home features slowly warping! If you see counters and cabinets separating from walls, internal molding and baseboards separating, floors sloping, warping, or squeaking, walls leaning or bowing, and doors and windows out-of-square, sticking, or pulling away from walls, these also foreshadow foundation issues, and you should have your foundation inspected by a licensed foundation repair specialist!

Foundation Repair Contractors Near Me

Note that even if you can’t see any of the issues described above, your home’s foundation could still be damaged and you won’t necessarily know about it!   Because it’s not always easy to identify whether or not a foundation is in trouble, the best course of action is to get some free professional advice from foundation repair experts such as the ones at Weinstein Construction, who offer homeowners an absolutely free foundation repair inspection!

No need for you to Google, “Foundation Repair Contractors Near Me” as the professionals at Weinstein Construction can help you right now!  We are specialists in foundation repair and foundation replacement, as well as basement foundation waterproofing, leaky basement repair, and foundation cracks repair.  Weinstein Construction professionals can also design and build French drain installation and employ drainage mitigation techniques!

Weinstein Construction’s Los Angeles  foundation repair contractors have the right solution at the right price!  call Weinstein Construction today at (818) 855-5752 for a free foundation inspection and review of your home’s foundation!