The California Department of Conservation released a new map showing the most at-risk earthquake areas in California.

In addition to showing which regions in the Golden State are considered to be “hazard zones” on the basis of their connection to the fault lines that make up the area, it also demonstrates the areas may be more vulnerable to liquefaction (i.e., the soil may behave more like liquid than solid soil in the event of a major quake).

The report arrives in the wake of a recent article published by the Los Angeles Times, which reported expert worries regarding California’s decade-long earthquake drought.

The USGS has found that not only will the earthquake crisis come to an end; this could mean that the next century is due to a number of major earthquake events.

“Once it goes, it’s like a set of dominoes. You might get multiple events if you have enough strain energy stored in the crust, because it’s been a long time since the earthquake, “Tom Jordan, USC Geophysics Professor, told LA times.

Ok, according to the map, So. Cal coastal areas such as Santa Barbara, parts of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County will be impacted by liquefaction during a major quake. Because the soil in these areas has become saturated with moisture, the soil will be extremely unstable when earthquake pressure occurs.

New reports are not intended to cause panic, but to remind residents of the possibility and reality of living in the earthquake country.

“If we had earthquakes as often as we had before 1906 in the last 50 years, people would be much more in tune with what earthquakes can do, and they would be much more interested in preparing for earthquakes,” said Tim Dawson, senior engineering geologist at the California Geological Survey.

When we move on to this next phase of (anticipated) heightened earthquake activity, it is critical, as a California resident, to take proper precautions for the survival and safety of the earthquake.

In addition to keeping the earthquake survival kit in your home, it is important to be vigilant in planning for earthquakes and to have your properties retrofitted for seismic health.

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