The Danger Of Homes Built Prior To The 1950s

Many thousands of homeowners in Los Angeles, and indeed, in the entire State of California, live in homes that were built in the 1950s or earlier, and as such, were built on foundations intended to safeguard the home in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or a mudslide.  However, while today’s foundations are made out of an excellent concrete mixture and rebar (steel bars that reinforce the concrete), older homes were built on hand-mixed concrete that contains no strengthening rebar.  Moreover, older homes are also not anchored to their unreinforced foundations, and thus are exceptionally vulnerable to an earthquake’s damaging shaking and rolling forces.  In short, an older home is not an earthquake safe home!

One of Weinstein Construction’s recent blogs was written precisely on this subject of potential issues with an older home’s foundation.  In that blog, we recommended for owners of homes built before the 1950s to have their home’s foundation inspected by foundation specialists such as the ones at Weinstein Construction, who can evaluate the condition of the foundation and earthquake retrofit the home so that it is better able to withstand the powerful impact of an earthquake, flood, or mudslide.  This can be a matter of life or death for all who live inside an older home as here in Los Angeles, we are long overdue for the next “Big One!

The Good News About The Free EBB Grants

Having pointed out the potential issues with an older home’s foundation, we are happy to let you know that here is some good news on this subject, which allows LA residents to enjoy an earthquake safe home!  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the California Earthquake Authority are now providing homeowners with $3,000 in free money grants through the Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) program.  This EBB grant helps homeowners subsidize the cost of retrofitting and bolting their home to its foundation.  Homeowners who take the EBB grant’s free money, use it wisely to prevent their home from sliding off its foundation or collapsing on top of those who live inside!  Learn more about the EBB program.

Moreover, homeowners who have a household income at or below $87,360 can also qualify for an additional grant that can potentially cover the full cost of seismic retrofitting!  Learn more about the EBB program’s supplemental grant.

Selecting An EBB Approved Contractor

Once a homeowner is accepted into the EBB program, the California Earthquake Authority requires the homeowner to choose from a list of FEMA trained and EBB approved contractors to do the retrofitting work.  The list of these contractors can be found in the EBB Contractor Directory.  You’ll be pleased to know that Weinstein Construction is an EBB-approved and FEMA trained, and we have been FEMA certified for the past 30 years!  During all those decades, we have provided over 8,000 Los Angeles homeowners just like you, your neighbors, and friends, with a California earthquake retrofit!  You can read all of our 5-Star EBB reviews – we maintain 100% 5-Star EBB review track record!

All eligible Los Angeles homeowners must safeguard their homes and families by doing a California earthquake retrofit and can use a free, no-strings attached EBB grant money to do so!  Let the professionals at Weinstein Construction help you navigate the EBB registration process!  Weinstein Construction is approved by the EBB program and are a FEMA authorized and trained contractor!  Call us today at (818) 717-7020 to schedule a free inspection of your home for the amazing initiative that puts free government money in your pocket and allows you to have an earthquake safe home!