Can You DIY Your Home’s Earthquake Retrofit?

Many Los Angeles homeowners already know that the government’s “Earthquake Brace + Bolt” (“EBB”) program provides families in the Greater Los Angeles area with free money grants of $3,000 (and more!) to subsidize the cost of a California earthquake retrofit.  Those homeowners who think that they can DIY their retrofit are taking unnecessary risks with the soundness of their home and the health and safety of all who live in it.  Why should any homeowner take a chance when the government literally pays for a retrofit that results in a more earthquake safe home?  It makes no sense to go it alone and take a chance with extreme earthquake risks!

Find A Qualified EBB Contractor In California

Not every contractor and construction company are qualified to do earthquake retrofits, which must follow strict building codes.  In fact, some contractors who do this work, either do it illegally, or don’t have the skills necessary to do a proper job.  That’s why it’s imperative for all homeowners who are considering an earthquake retrofit — and want to get the EBB Program’s free money grant — to hire only those contractors who have been specifically approved by the EBB to do this work.

In fact, the EBB maintains a list of EBB approved contractors that homeowners can review, and then choose a contractor from the list to do the work.  And so, every homeowner’s first step should be to go to the EBB Contractor Directory, and review its list of approved contractors.  On the EBB list, homeowners will find Weinstein Construction, as we are an EBB-approved contractor and have been FEMA-trained for over 30 years on how to retrofit Los Angeles homes!

At Weinstein Construction, we have been in business for over 45 years and have done more than 8,000 Los Angeles earthquake retrofits!  We likely did the retrofit for members of your own family, friends, and your neighbors too!  You can check out our flawless 5-Star reviews on the EBB directory itself (click on the directory’s “Homeowner Reviews” link) or alternatively, take a look at these reviews on our own website.

Is Your EBB Contractor Licensed!

Before you hire your earthquake retrofit contractor, even if he or she is on the EBB Directory, you must also do your due diligence and check the California Contractors State License Board (“CSLB”) website to see whether or not the contractor you are considering is currently licensed in California and whether the contractor remains in good standing with the CSLB.  Naturally, when you do this check, you will find that Weinstein Construction is licensed and is in good standing with the CSLB!

Los Angeles homeowners who are considering hiring an earthquake retrofitting contractor should also review our blog from January 24, 2024, to consider some of our “pro tips” on how to choose an EBB contractor.  We have received quite a bit of positive feedback on how helpful this blog was to our clients!

Los Angeles homeowners who want to safeguard their homes and families should not attempt to DIY their California earthquake retrofit!  Instead, homeowners should take the free, no-strings-attached EBB grant money and hire retrofitting professionals such as the ones at Weinstein Construction!  Weinstein Construction is approved by the EBB program and are a FEMA authorized and trained contractor!  We can help homeowners navigate the EBB registration process!  Homeowners should call us today at 818-717-7020 to schedule a free inspection of their home – don’t DIY, but rather use free government money to have an earthquake safe home!