Retaining walls and caissons can protect Los Angeles homes and commercial properties, especially those built on a steep slope, from damage caused by soil erosion and collapse due to mudslides, landslides, and earthquakes.

Los Angeles homeowners and commercial property owners know that their buildings, especially those built on a steep hillside, are vulnerable to damage from destructive natural forces such as mudslides, landslides, and earthquake seismic activity.  One of the best methods for protecting such properties involves constructing retaining walls, strengthened with caissons, to control erosion and keep soil secured on sloped areas.  Retaining walls are practical, cost-effective, and built to complement and add versatility to a property, immediately boosting its market value.

A qualified retaining walls contractor will first lower caissons constructed out of rebar cages into shafts that are pre-drilled into the ground.  Then, concrete is poured into the cages to add stability to these structures.   Retaining walls typically also incorporate a concrete grade beam for extra stability, including a French drain installation to funnel rainwater away from the property and into street drainage, where it belongs.  The retaining wall itself is constructed from shotcrete (concrete that is applied at high velocity) as well as reinforcement steel rebar which adds tensile strength.  Finally, a variety of decorative aspects can be added to the wall, to enhance its usefulness, attractiveness, and its “curb appeal”.

Weinstein Construction Corporation can help protect Los Angeles homes and commercial properties, especially those constructed on steep slopes, from Mother Nature’s damaging forces.  We specialize in building retaining walls and caissons, French drainage installation, seismic retrofitting, basement waterproofing, and foundation cracks repaircall Weinstein Construction today at (800) 862-6582 for a free, no-obligation inspection of your hillside property’s needs!

Now, more than ever before, it’s critical to begin earthquake retrofitting Los Angeles buildings. Seismic retrofitting one’s property, knowing how to stay safe during an earthquake, and using an earthquake emergency kit, can help safeguard precious lives and important property.

Top seismologists and building scientists all agree that there is an urgent need to retrofit residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles and safeguard them from the destructive forces of earthquakes.  Property owners should prepare today for the real and very imminent threat of seismic activity.

For example, buildings can be protected from catastrophic structural failures that threaten life and property by using metal bolts and plates to attach the structure to the concrete footing and framing that makes up their foundation.  When a building is firmly attached to its concrete foundation, it can remain firmly anchored when the next violent “Big One” hits.   Similarly, heavy objects within the building, for example furniture, appliances, mirrors, should all be bolted down to prevent them from becoming dangerous debris as the structure sways and shakes.

Moreover, as the earthquake barrels on, individuals who are indoors should drop, hang on to something solid, and take cover under a desk, in a hallway, or against an internal wall.  No one should attempt to run outside, as they may be thrown to the ground, twist an ankle, break a leg, or be hit by falling masonry or glass.

Finally, everyone should prepare in advance for an earthquake by putting together a basic earthquake emergency kit.  Such a kit typically contains a three-day supply of water and non-perishable food for family members and pets, as well as first-aid medicines, a flashlight, change of clothing, and copies of important personal documents.

Since 1977, the experts at Weinstein Construction have retrofitted over 8,000 buildings, helping countless property owners with their seismic retrofitting needs.  call Weinstein Construction today at (800) 862-6582 for a free, no-obligation inspection and discussion of your earthquake retrofit needs!

The recent Los Angeles wildfires have left homes sitting on unstable soil that can transform into dangerous mudslides and landslides after even a moderate rainfall. Residential and commercial property owners must use soil erosion control techniques to safeguard precious lives and properties.

A major threat facing Los Angeles’ residential and commercial property owners is damage caused by soil erosion and heavy rains.  The many wildfires that burned through our region have left in their wake dangerous soil that, after even moderate rains, can swiftly transform into mudslides and landslides.  The downward force of soil and debris propelled by gravity can devastate any structure in their path.  Sadly, individuals living or working in buildings that are in the path of mudslides and landslides often have little or no advance warning of the impending catastrophe.

Soil erosion is most common in structures that are built on a slope, as water will run downhill and into any property in its way.  On the way down, water collects soil, sediment, and debris that can, in some cases, literally sweep a building off its foundation.  Owners of buildings built on a slope must control where and how water is draining by employing a variety of cost-effective hillside stabilization techniques.  These include building concrete caissons, retaining walls, storm drains, and French drain installation.  Other erosion control methods employ specialized matting, mesh, as well as decorative gabion baskets to can control the speed of run-off water as well as add a beautiful aesthetic value to the property.

Weinstein Construction professionals have substantial experience in drainage control and erosion prevention.  We are experts at building retaining walls, basement waterproofing, caissons, gabion baskets, and French drain installation.  call Weinstein Construction today at (800) 862-6582 for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss cost-effective solutions to your soil erosion control needs!