Are foundation failures common?

So many of Weinstein Construction’s clients find themselves in front of their computers Googling, “foundation repair near me” because they have just found out that their foundation has an issue that must be addressed.  Sadly, foundation failures are a common occurrence, especially in the Los Angeles area, where the unique soil we build our homes on makes foundations vulnerable to subsidence and cracking.

Our region’s soil is dry most of the time, but can get very wet during the rainy season, when this soil expands.  After the soil dries and contracts back to its original position, this process causes a void between the foundation and soil, which can later cause the foundation to drop and crack.  This process of expansion and contraction, over a period of years, along with frequent seismic activity, both large and small, can severely damage a building’s foundation.

Unfortunately, foundation problems are very common in homes built from 1900 to 1950, which had unreinforced concrete, bricks, or river rocks as foundations.  Foundation issues are also common in homes built during the building boom years of the 1950s and 60s, as those homes were often built on top of uncompacted, unstable soil that can cause a foundation to shift and crack.

Are foundation repairs expensive?

Many foundations can be repaired quite easily if the damage is not too extensive, and often at a cost of about 1% – 3% of the value of the home.  Even raised foundation repair can be had at quite a reasonable cost.  For example, foundation cracks up to a ¼ inch wide can be filled with epoxy that solidifies and reconnects the concrete, and structural strength can be increased by anchoring in-place and sealing reinforced steel rods.  Those homeowners who catch damage early may just need to repair a few cracks and improve the drainage around their house to funnel rainwater away from their property.  If a foundation must be entirely replaced, the cost of replacing a foundation is typically 5% – 10% of the value of the home.

How can I tell if my home’s foundation is in trouble?

Walk inside and around your building and ask yourself:  Is the stucco around my building cracked?  Are my floors level?  Do the floor boards squeak when you walk around?  Do you see cracks on the internal walls around doors and windows?  Are doors and windows sticking?  Even if you answered “no” to all these questions, your foundation could still be experiencing issues and you won’t necessarily know about it.

Because it’s not always easy to tell if a foundation is in trouble, the best course of action is to get some free professional advice from foundation experts such as the ones at Weinstein Construction, who can offer homeowners owners a free, no-obligation inspection of their foundation.

Weinstein Construction’s Los Angeles home foundation repair crews have the right solution at the right price!  The professionals at Weinstein Construction are experts at foundation repair and replacement so call Weinstein Construction today at (800) 862-6582 for a free inspection and review of your home’s foundation!