Does anyone doubt that “The Big” earthquake will hit Los Angeles?

Does anyone out there really have any doubt that the earthquake we have all dubbed, “The Big One” is gearing up to smash our fair city of Los Angeles?  We have talked about this before, and want to raise the subject again, but in a slightly different context – this one providing even more information about what homeowners can do to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their most valuable possession – their home!

How many earthquakes happen?

As we write this blog in November 2021, we thought our readers would find it interesting to learn that just in the past 7 days, California was rocked by 7 quakes of magnitude 3.0 or above on the Richter Scale, 59 quakes between 2.0 and 3.0 magnitude, and 818 quakes at 2.0 or less!  And that’s just in one week!

And in the last 30 days, a quake was reported near Anaheim, another near Long Beach, a third near Inglewood, a fourth near East LA, a fifth near Hollywood, a sixth near Burbank, and a seventh near Agoura Hills!

When will the “Big One” happen?

We all know that we live in “Earthquake Country” but we tend to forget that it’s just a matter of time before we are hit with the Big One!  In fact, a study published just last year noted that the recent Ridgecrest earthquake brought the “Garlock” fault much closer to a rupture, which means that the odds now are that a large quake there is now 100 times more likely, and therefore, the chance of a large quake on the San Andreas Fault, which will hit Los Angeles, has essentially tripled!

As you may know, the San Andreas fault comes within 35 miles of downtown Los Angeles and is the one that can unleash a “megaquake” in our lifetime!  So, what can homeowners do?

The Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program has opened back up!

One of the biggest steps Los Angeles homeowners can take to protect their homes and families, is earthquake retrofitting / house bolting, to protect the home against earthquake damage.  In fact, the next 10 days are incredibly important, as the California Earthquake Authority retrofitting grant program has now opened back up!

This state-funded program, called “Earthquake Brace + Bolt” (“EBB”) is taking applications again, providing grants of up to $3,000 to thousands of homeowners to subsidize their cost of seismic retrofitting their homes!  For many small homes, this FREE GOVERNMENT MONEY can potentially cover the full cost of retrofitting!

How does the EBB program work?  What is the application deadline?

The EBB program provides free grant money for earthquake retrofitting homes in many ZIP codes in the Greater Los Angeles area.  To see if your home is in one of the eligible ZIP codes that have opened up, click the Internet link below to the EBB program website:

If you live in one of the EBB Eligible zip codes on their website, your application is due by December 9, 2021.  You can complete an application by clicking the Internet link below:

Don’t delay – the EBB program is just waiting for eligible homeowners like you to complete an application!  Once you complete the application process, you have 90 days to pick a contractor to seismically retrofit your home!

At Weinstein Construction, we are approved by the EBB Program, and going back as far as 1994, we have been a Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) authorized and trained contractor!

 Don’t delay, the professionals at Weinstein Construction can help you navigate the EBB registration process!  call Weinstein Construction today at 818-334-6657 to get help in completing an application for this most important initiative that can put free government money in your pocket! 

 Most small homes can be retrofitted for about $3,000, and we will wait to get paid by the EBB, so you pay nothing, and retrofitting your house will be free for you! 

 You don’t have to wait for the “Big One” to see if your home can withstand an earthquake, so call Weinstein Construction today at 818-334-6657 to schedule a free inspection of your home!