Foundation Repairs in Los Angeles

Foundation repairs in Los Angeles are very common because the soil Los Angeles homes are built on is made out of soft clay that expands during the rainy seasons and contracts during the dry seasons.  Such movements can cause concrete foundations that sit above the soil to become brittle, drop, buckle, and crack.

Other natural forces can also damage a home’s foundation.  For example, water runoff that pools around the home can seep into the foundation and make it brittle.  Moreover, excessive watering of trees and shrubs near the home can also allow water to percolate down to the foundation, causing it damage over time.  And then of course, the strong power of earthquakes (both large and small) can quickly damage a foundation, especially one that it is already brittle from being exposed to water.

How can home owners know if they have foundation issues that need to be repaired?

We hear from so many of our clients that at some point during their home ownership, they ask themselves whether or not their home has foundation issues that need to be repaired.  More often than not, homeowners head to their computer and Google, “foundation repair near me” but that doesn’t have to be the first step in finding out whether a home has foundation issues!

If your home was built prior to 1950, then you should definitely have your foundation inspected to see how it has been holding up.  If your home was built after 1950, then there are quite a few questions that you can ask yourself to do an initial “quick diagnosis” of the health of your home’s foundation.  Take a quick walk both around and inside your home and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there any rainwater collecting around the home?
  • Is the stucco finish around the home cracking?
  • Are the home’s walls leaning or bowing in any way?
  • Does the home’s roof leak, or does it appear warped anywhere?
  • Are the home’s internal plaster walls showing any visible cracks?
  • Are the home’s internal floors showing any visible cracks?
  • Are the home’s internal floors level, or are they sloping or droopy?
  • Do the home’s internal floor boards squeak when walked upon?
  • Can you see any gaps between the walls and floors?
  • Can you see any visible ceiling plaster cracks?
  • Are any of the home’s doorways and window frames sticking?
  • Have any of the home’s plumbing lines been leaking? Have any plumbing lines burst?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then you definitely need to have a foundation specialist come and take a look at your home’s foundation.  However, you should realize that even if you answered “no” to all these questions, your home’s foundation could still be damaged and you won’t necessarily know about it.

Because it’s not always easy to tell if a foundation is in trouble, sometimes the best course of action is to get some free professional advice from foundation experts such as the ones at Weinstein Construction, who offer homeowners an absolutely free foundation inspection.

The professionals at Weinstein Construction are specialists in foundation repair and foundation replacement, as well as basement foundation waterproofing, leaky basement repair, and foundation cracks repair.  Weinstein Construction professionals can also design and build French drain installation and employ drainage mitigation techniques!

Weinstein Construction’s Los Angeles home foundation repair crews have the right solution at the right price!  call Weinstein Construction today at (800) 862-6582 for a free inspection and review of your home’s foundation!