Crawl Space

Why Seal Crawl Space?

  • Sealing a crawl space prevents mold, moisture, and termites.
  • Moisture and humidity in the crawl space can cause structural issues.
  • Dark and dirty crawl spaces can be converted to clean and useable storage space.
  • Damp crawl space invites allergens and indoor air pollutants to your home.



Weinstein Retrofitting can keep the moisture away from your crawl spaces and make your home safe and healthy for living.

Moisture in the crawl spaces can injure our homes in many ways. The evidence of the problem are mold, health problems, rots and pests, bad smell in the house, sticky windows, buckling hardwood floors, high energy bills, also it can cause damage of the wood framing and the steel as well.

Crawl space encapsulation or also known as crawl space sealing, is a process that insulates the crawl space under your home from the outside world by wrapping the entire area of your crawl space with a ultra-durable polyethylene liner- sealing and protecting your crawl space from the moisture. Also, vents and port doors and often covered up for full insulation. The costs to repair a home with structural damage are exponentially higher than the crawl space encapsulation cost.

Weinstein Retrofitting also take care of the drainage problems when water does not properly drain away from the crawl space. It is very important because the water will harm the foundation through shifting the home while expanding and shrinking the soil upon which the concrete foundation footing sits, causing unwanted moisture build up.

Designing and installing permanent and effective crawl space systems since 1977, Weinstein Retrofitting custom tailors all their services to your home.

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Vapor Barrier


The vapor barrier liner is designed with ultra-durable polyethylene to resist punctures and tears. Blended with anti-bacterial materials, the vapor barrier provides extra protection against mold and bacteria. It is durable enough to last for decades and keeps your crawl space dry and clean.

Drainage Matting


The drainage matting dimpled polyethylene matting, creates raised spaces that allow water on top of the concrete floor. It helps prevent water pockets from forming under your vapor barrier by guiding water to a nearby pump. It is an absolute must for concrete crawl spaces.

Sump Pumps and Drains


Adding waterproofing options completes the crawl space encapsulation layout. A sump pump keeps crawl space area dry from flooding, for example, a plumbing leak.

When water is detected, the sump pump automatically pumps the water out from the crawl space. Secondary pumps can also be installed as a backup solution.

Vent Doors and Covers


For a clean, dry, and energy-efficient crawl space, foundation vent doors and covers keep your home safe from what’s outside. Good crawl space ventilation circulates fresh air through the crawl space and exhausts musty, moist air. For the best results, open foundation vents in the summer to allow moisture out and close foundation vents in the winter.

Crawl Space Access System


Moisture and humidity can easily make their way into your crawl space. A solution to this problem is called The Turtl.

The Turtl is composed of extra tough and durable vinyl and insulates from the extreme outdoor temperatures. In attractive colors, The Turtl’s modern crawl space door design complements any home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if I have crawl space under my house?
Crawl Space is just what the name says.  It is a space in the basement that you cannot stand up in, but need to crawl through. Crawl spaces are used to access pipes and other areas below your home that would normally be difficult to control. It is more than likely that you will have no desire to go crawl into this short space.  If you are not able to find this space below your house, you probably do not have a crawl space. However, if you are still not sure, we will gladly come to your home for a FREE inspection and give you a definite answer.
Can I just seal my crawl space without the waterproofing options?
Of course! Some of our customers opt to just seal their crawl space. Although, we always recommend waterproofing options just to be on the safe side in case you have a pipe leak or something.
Are there permits required for crawl space services?
No. In most cases, it is a simple job and no permits are required.  Certain jobs may need permits. When this happens,  we will take care of the whole process for you.
Is it expensive to fix my crawl space?
Crawl Space services are very cheap compared to the damage that can be done without them.   When crawl space problems get bad, the cost of repairing them can be very pricey.  In a worst case scenario, the damage can be so bad that it is not even repairable.  The price of crawl space repair is an investment that will never go down.
Does my Crawl Space need to be repaired?
Crawl space problems are very serious.  They should not be ignored and need to be fixed ASAP. Most people will never go into their crawlspace, which means they cannot see if there are any problems to begin with.  The longer a crawl space issues take to be repaired, the more risk your home is in. If you have been in your crawl space and noticed any water, mold or damp areas, then you need repairs. Water is a crawl space's worst enemy. The mold from a crawl space is very dangerous to everyone's health that lives in the house.  Water can rot the wood that is holding up your home. Your home may be at very serious risk when the next earthquake happens. If you are not sure whether you need any crawl space repairs, do not ignore the problem. One of our inspectors will come to your home and inspect your crawl space for 100% FREE of charge.


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