Crawl space problems can be very serious and should not be ignored. If a problem exists in a crawl space, it must be taken care of ASAP. The trouble is, most people never go into their crawlspace, which means they cannot see if there is a problem exists until it’s too late, and the damage is done! Why take a chance? The longer crawl space issues fester, the greater the damage to your home. If you haven’t been inside your crawl space in a while, go inside and have a look. If you want Weinstein Construction’s experts to go in, free-of-charge, and without obligation, just give us a call! If you’ve been inside your crawl space and noticed any water, mold, damp areas, or dead critters, then you must take action immediately! Water and dampness are a crawl space’s worst enemy and mold can be very dangerous to the health and well-being of all who live in the home. Beyond the health issues discussed above, water can rot the wood that is holding up your home, which may present a serious risk when the next earthquake hits. If you are not sure whether you need crawl space repairs, call Weinstein Construction, and one of our expert inspectors will come to your home and inspect your crawl space at no charge, and without any obligation on your part!