California Rainy Season Is here!

Annually, when family and friends who live in other parts of the country have to deal with cold and snowy conditions, we happy (and warm) Los Angelinos keep an eye on our calendars for the unofficial start of our “Rainy Season,” which begins in mid-October and ends toward the end of April.  Although our weather remains generally pleasant and sunny during this period, we do get quite a few wet downpours, which can be tricky for our homes and businesses to deal with!  This is because the terrain in our city lacks vegetation due to prolonged dry spells.  Such terrain becomes vulnerable to flooding, especially for homes situated on hillsides.

As such, when rainfall occurs, the water cascades over the barren land, with little of it getting absorbed into the ground. This phenomenon can unleash a chaotic torrent of liquid debris in the form of mud, rocks, and trees, all careening downhill, wreaking havoc on everything in their path, including cars, roads, and homes.  Unhappily, such liquid mess can also saturate the ground around our homes, and intrude into our crawl spaces, those shallow, unfinished areas directly beneath the ground floor of our homes.

How Do I Save Up To 25% On My Bills?

The vast majority of crawl spaces in the greater Los Angeles region have dirt floors, and are vented to the outside.  Because of ground water seepage into a home’s crawl space, as well as humidity and rainwater intrusion, the cost of both heating and cooling a home are increased by 15% to 25%!  This is because the high water vapor (also called “relative humidity”) creates energy loss and an environment that is harder to heat in the Winter and cool in the Summer!  This humidity also causes harmful rot, mold, and mildew (which bugs and pests love!).

What’s The Deal With Crawl Spaces?

Consequently, vented crawl spaces with dirt floors mean higher energy bills, as well as a nasty surprise for the unsuspecting homeowner, who is blindsided by a big expense for mold removal and/or rotting wood replacement!  Look, we don’t want to scare you or gross you out about what is in your home’s crawl space, but you just have to check out this short (1.5 minute) video we put together on what is in an unprotected crawl space and how it may harm your home and all who live in it!  View our YouTube Crawl Space Video.


Here Are 4 Easy Steps To Eliminate Crawl Space Problems!

There are four cost-effective steps that can help a homeowner completely eliminate the home’s crawl space from having any negative effects on the rest of the house, and no building permits are required for any of these!

(1)  Fix water leakage into the crawl space (if there are any)!

The crawl space professionals at Weinstein Construction will first fix any water leaks and drainage problems your home may have, which can happen when water does not properly drain away from the crawl space.  Next, they will examine the efficiency of your home’s gutters, downspouts, and various drainage systems to ensure they effectively divert water away from your property.  Additionally, they can assess both the exterior and interior waterproofing of your home, gauging the effectiveness of sealants to ensure they are still performing their intended function.

(2)  Isolate the home from the dirt floor by installing a crawl space moisture and vapor barrier!

This liner is made from ultra-durable polyethylene that resists punctures and tears, and is also blended with anti-bacterial materials that retard mold and bacteria growth.  The liner will help protect your home from humidity and deadly Radon gas, which can build up inside and cause cancer!

(3)  Seal the crawl space vents and other outside air leaks!

Your vented crawl space not only lets in humid air, but it also likely serves as a “habitat” for a range of nasty critters and their offspring (e.g., cockroaches, mice, rats, raccoons, etc.).  Over time, these animals die and decompose inside your crawl space, creating a disgusting and unhealthy environment.  Weinstein Construction’s professionals will seal the crawl space and prevent humidity and nasty creatures from entering your home!

Important! Don’t “DYI” this one yourself, as you may inadvertently raise the moisture levels within your home’s air, and also potentially cause a life-threatening problem, if your crawl space contains ventilated combustible equipment.


(4)  Dehumidify and “condition” the crawl space air! 

Weinstein Construction’s crawl space encapsulation specialist can also install an “Energy Star” rated dehumidifier to dry out and continuously “condition” your crawl space air, to ensure that it remains optimally dry.


Don’t delay, act now, as our Rainy Season is here!  And as rains continue, the chance of your crawl space experiencing water intrusion grows!   Weinstein Construction has the right crawl space solution at an affordable price!  Call us today at 866-771-4847 for a free inspection and review of your home’s crawl space needs!  We are also expert drain contractors and can also help with basement waterproofing, leaky basement repair, basement wall sealing, French drain installation, and foundation cracks repair and foundation replacement!