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19 July

Why Does a Concrete Foundation Crack?


Here’s what we know about concrete! There are two things you know for sure about concrete:  it will be hard, and it will crack!   Cracks in concrete foundations and walls are fairly common.  Some cracks are the result of “shrinkage” of the concrete that is a normal part of the concrete’s curing process, and in such cases, the cracks will not pose a structural concern [...]

Why Does a Concrete Foundation Crack?2021-07-12T10:26:01-07:00
4 July

Top-10 Fun Q&A’s About Your Home’s Crawl Space and Basement!


What is a crawl space? A crawl space is a shallow, unfinished space beneath the first floor of a home, or under the roof of a structure.  The crawl space typically provides access to plumbing or wiring. Why is my home’s crawl space so humid? When a home’s crawl space is vented and has exposed soil, groundwater and rainwater seeps into the soil, continuously releasing [...]

Top-10 Fun Q&A’s About Your Home’s Crawl Space and Basement!2021-06-21T10:26:00-07:00
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