As our Los Angeles homes slowly dry out after some incredibly heavy rains, we wanted to remind all our clients and friends that there are some incredibly important reasons for every homeowner to be aware of what is happening inside their home’s crawl space, which is that shallow, unfinished area beneath the first floor of a home.

We constantly hear folks say, “I don’t live inside my crawl space, so why should I go in there?”  Well, here are the Top 5 reasons why homeowners must inspect their crawl space, or invite professional crawl space contractors such as Weinstein Construction, to inspect the crawl space and make sure it is functioning as intended!

Reason No. 5:  Most crawl spaces have a dirt floor and permanent vents to the outdoors.   However, recent research by the U.S. Department of Energy has shown that vented crawl spaces actually increase the moisture level under a home, rather than keep the area dry!  All this moisture condenses inside the cool crawl space area, causing mold and wood rot which breaks down the home’s organic building materials (e.g., fiberboard, plywood, framing lumber, etc.).  If unchecked, many vented, dirt floor crawlspaces will present their homeowners with a big expense for mold removal and rotting wood replacement!

Reason No. 4:  Homes cost plenty of money to heat and cool, but did you know it has been proven that a vented dirt floor crawl space will raise heating and cooling costs by 15% to 25% every month?  This is because the crawl space is a relatively cool area, and when it is vented to the outside, this allows warm, humid air to spill into the crawl space, get cooled inside, and raise the relative humidity inside the area and in the home itself.  When the relative humidity of the air inside the home goes up, it is harder to heat or cool the home, which then increases energy costs!

Reason No. 3:  Crawl spaces with dirt floors can also allow poisonous Radon gas into the home!  Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that comes from deep inside the earth and has been found in many homes across Los Angeles.  This odorless and tasteless gas, which is the second leading cause of cancer in the United States, can get sucked into a home through its crawl space and those living in the home won’t even know it!

Reason No. 2:  Humid vented crawl spaces also promote the growth of harmful fungus and bacteria!   And because of the suction effect of “air-mixing” inside a home, whatever bacteria is present in the crawl space air will travel up and inside the home, to be breathed-in by vulnerable family members…  If there’s humidity, mold spores, bacteria, and fungus inside a home’s crawl space, the family living above is breathing it!

Reason No. 1:  Crawl spaces that are vented to the outside can also become a home to various critters and their babies, for example mice, rats, racoons, etc.  These critters will eventually die inside the crawl space, and the “essence” of their rotting body (gross, we know!) will be sucked in throughout the home, to be breathed by everyone who lives there!  Do you want to have your vulnerable family members breathing such nasty, foul air?   We don’t think so!

What can homeowners do about their crawl spaces? 

They can call crawl space professionals such as the ones at Weinstein Construction, who can tailor a solution to every home and every budget, helping to keep moisture away from the crawl space, safeguarding the value of the home and the materials it is built from, and helping to make the home healthy and safe for all who live and breathe in it.

How can Weinstein Construction fix a crawl space? 

The professionals at Weinstein Construction will first fix any water leaks and drainage problems, which can happen when water does not properly drain away from a home’s crawl space.  Then, they will isolate the home from the crawl space by laying down a vapor barrier liner on the dirt floor.  This liner is made from ultra-durable polyethylene which resists punctures and tears and is also blended with anti-bacterial materials which offer additional protection against mold and bacteria.  Then, they will seal the crawl space vents and prevent outside air leaks.  Finally, they can install an “Energy Star” rated dehumidifier to dry out and continuously “condition” the crawl space air.  Moreover, no building permits are required for any of these cost-effective steps!

Watch our short YouTube Crawl Space video on this subject!

Weinstein Construction’s professionals have the right crawl space solution at an affordable price!  Call us today at 866-771-4847  for a free inspection and review of your home’s crawl space needs!  We are also expert drain contractors and can also help with basement waterproofing, leaky basement repair, basement wall sealing, French drain installation, and foundation cracks repair and foundation replacement!