Every year, collapsing buildings, cracking and buckling foundation walls and crumbling and unstable floors impact millions of homeowners in Southern California.
Buildings located on unstable soil will settle when the foundation is subject to moisture or poor drainage. A shifting foundation can result in structural damage and a potential decrease in the value of your investment.

As a prime drainage contractor in Los Angeles, we’re happy to install the following common solutions:

Pump pumps

If your Los Angeles building isn’t already fitted with a pump, it’s likely to benefit greatly from the installation. Sump pumps are a safe tool for pumping water out of basements or creeping spaces and away from the foundation. Sump pumps are credited with efficient drainage, which stops water from pooling and removes humidity from the house. They are particularly beneficial to Los Angeles households, as floods are an unforeseeable risk. Sump pumps are also beneficial for houses that are built on a lot lower than the street level because they have the ability to quickly remove water to prevent low-level flooding.

French drains

If you have moderate to severe drainage problems on your land, French drains may be your best solution. French drains are excellent at channeling water away from a building and redirecting its flow to a suitable outlet.
French drains should be built along the circumference of the base of the building and underneath the room floors. They work particularly well for houses built on hillsides and hillsides.
For the construction of a French drain, drainage contractors bury a perforated pipe in an underground trench and cover it with gravel to allow the smooth draining of the water.
This means that French drains can effectively prevent water from pooling without disturbing the environment of the protruding tubes.

Drainage Contractor Los Angeles Drain Boxes and Catch Basins:

If you are looking for another option for extensive drainage problems, drain boxes and catch basins are two reliable solutions that drainage contractors can easily install. In order to waterproof the foundation walls and protect the property, drain boxes or catch reservoirs are placed in the ground near problematic drainage areas.
Water passes easily through the grid in the box or basin, while the debris can be settled in order to avoid clogging. This makes these surface drain solutions ideal for the extraction of significant amounts of water in a very short period of time. Drain boxes and catch basins are suitable for flood-prone areas or property with extreme drainage needs.

Additional drainage solutions

While previous options reflect some of the most in-demand requests our drainage contractors get, we are happy to offer any kind of drainage system installation or repair that our customers need or need. We are pleased to distinguish ourselves as elite drainage contractors who are eligible to equip your property with any drainage solution on the market. Our talented team of contract drainage experts are pleased to explore a variety of options, including rounded grilles, pop-up emitters, atrium grilles, catch basins, flo-wells, trench drains / channel drains, and more!

You deserve top-quality drainage contractors!

Don’t settle for less if you can have the best drainage contractors on the market! While poor installation or repair can make your property vulnerable to water intrusion, we ensure that your property is equipped with the necessary features to protect against water and moisture. Weinstein Construction Los Angeles gives priority to bringing the same level of professionalism to every project so that we can promise superior service when you team up with our drainage contractors. Enable us to meet with you on a one-on – one basis to provide a free audit, educate you about your drainage situation, and discuss solutions for your Los Angeles drainage plan. It is our main goal to develop a budget-friendly approach that will not compromise any of your needs in order to improve your home without breaking your budget. Our friendly team of drainage contractors is waiting to answer your drainage questions and give you the peace of mind that you deserve as a homeowner!

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