What are Gabions?

Gabions are decorative galvanized wire baskets that are filled with ornamental rocks, glass chunks, or other material of your choice.  Such baskets have a dual purpose!  For one, they have tremendous curb appeal and look incredibly attractive!  But a gabion basket can also offer homes and commercial structures tremendous protection, for example, when it is used as a retaining wall that fights against soil erosion.

Gabion baskets fight soil erosion because the small openings or spaces in the gabion wall slow down and control water flow without allowing it to damage the structure that the wall is protecting.  When water flows through the gabion wall, it will not break up the soil, but rather keep it compacted.

The Concept of Gabions is Many Centuries Old!

Here’s a fun fact – the concept of gabions is incredibly old!  They were used by the Roman army thousands of years ago to create wartime barricades and defend against enemy attacks.  And today, gabions serve as a popular and innovative solution to protect against Mother Nature’s harsh elements.  And so, where there’s a high-velocity water flow, gabions can be a cost-effective way to disperse water pressure by allowing the water to filter in through openings in the rocks, which then creates a natural drainage runoff.

This is especially important in Los Angeles, where many buildings are built on a slope.  If your home or commercial building is built on a slope, it is more likely than not that you need a retaining wall to protect the structure from pressure build-up from water and soil.  Moreover, let’s not forget that Los Angeles is “Earthquake Country”, so when (and not “if”) the next “Big One” hits, you want your valuable property to have the most protection possible, and a gabion retaining wall can help give you the extra protection you need.

Are Gabion Baskets Affordable?

Yes!  A gabion retaining wall is actually more affordable than many other types!   This is because gabion baskets are easy to transport and construct!  How does this work?  Typically, Weinstein Construction’s crew receives a shipment of decorative rocks, washes them, then hand-places them into easily-prepared wire containers.  Our crews select only the best-looking rocks, sorting them into various sizes, and then fitting them perfectly into baskets that we measure and pre-fabricate right on-site.  The end result is spectacular!

Give Weinstein Construction a call today to discuss the benefits of gabion baskets – let us demonstrate to you why using gabions is such an attractive and cost-effective solution!  call Weinstein Construction today at (800) 862-6582 for a free inspection and review of all your gabion needs!