Damage to the foundation of a building is scary to every homeowner not because it makes the entire structure weak but what’s the cost a lot in repair. Residential foundation repair is not uncommon. It isn’t just old houses that need foundation repair. Houses as young as two years old can also need foundation repair for various reasons.

Foundation problems can either be a result of bad construction or it can also arise from a major natural event like an earthquake or flood. Regardless of how strong you think the foundation of your building is, external factors can cause damage at any time.

It’s true that residential foundation repair can be expensive. But you also have to remember that it’s not every day that your foundation needs repair and after a proper repair the foundation is expected to remain strong for a long time.

Even though it might seem expensive at first the long-term benefits of residential foundation repair far outweighs the cost.

There are a number of factors that help you make a proper estimate of foundation repair. These include:

The right diagnosis

Foundation damage is not of a single kind. Various factors cause different kinds of damage to the foundation of structure and they all require different kinds of repair. the first thing that you should do if you suspect damage to your foundation is to hire professionals to get to structure inspected.

The cost of residential foundation repair depends on the kind of damage and the type of repair that it will need.

Therefore, if the diagnosis is incorrect you may end up spending more than you should have. Before you decide to get your foundation repaired, you must always hire the right professionals to diagnose the exact problem.

Repair methods

There are several different repair methods based on the type of damage. The right repair is going to be expensive but it’s also going to last the longest.

Remember that residential foundation repair is not where you should be cutting corners, because the safety off the entire structure depends on the foundation. If the estimate given by the contractor is cheaper than the standard market rate, you should check what type of tools or repair methods they plan to use.

Most repair methods that are cheap do not last beyond a few years. But if you want the repair to last the rest of your life, you should don’t own any willing to spend a little money but also checking the repair methods.


All proven residential foundation repair contractors not only charged to standard market rate but also offer warranty on their services. If no warranty is offered, it is a red flag that the service is not top notch. The more confident a contract is off that service, the longer the warranty they will offer.