Testimonials for Weinstein Construction


Weinstein Construction was established in 1977 and since then, has satisfied many of our customers. Since we are located in the San Fernando Valley, right in the heart of Earthquake Country, not only do we cater to the greater Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura areas but we also practice what we preach for our own homes and offices. Our intelligent and knowledgeable inspectors are of the highest quality and can work with you to determine not only what work needs to be done to your home but what an affordable plan would look like for you.

Weinstein Retrofitting Systems has earned the reputation of being your neighborhood expert in seismic safety. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. We’ve compiled a collection of testimonials from over the years that are solid proof Weinstein Construction is a reliable and trustworthy company who will help you to stabilize and secure your home. Whether it’s your foundation in need of repair, your hillside that needs stabilizing, your drainage that needs installation or repair or you’re interested in seismic retrofitting, Weinstein Construction can do the work for you in a way that you are satisfied and secure. These testimonials are a testament to that fact.