Foundation Repair

Does Your Foundation Suffer From These Issues?

  • Cracked Interior Walls
  • Cracks In Ceilings, Floor & Tiles
  • Visible Exterior Cracks
  • Uneven and Sloping Floors
  • Sticky Doors & Windows
  • Squeaking Floors
  • Cracked Chimney & Mantles

Pier Support

Building strong foundations is our business.

Was  your home was built before 1970, the foundation of your home may be at risk.

The foundation of a home is the base that rests below the ground. Foundations support the full load of its structure and prevent potential damages from occurring.

Homes built in Southern California are built on either slabs or raised foundations. Many of these homes are constructed with foundations that are inadequate for the soil conditions that they are built on. The weight of the home does not provide any protection to the structure as a whole and it is only a matter of time before some serious damage can start to occur.

A strong foundation is used for: keeping the structure leveled, reduce moisture, providing insulation against extreme temperatures, and protecting the structure against earthquakes.

Every homeowner’s foundation problems are unique. Weinstein Construction doesn’t just treat symptoms, they find the cause of your structural problems. Weinstein Construction offers FREE, no-hassle inspections & assessments!

Pier Support

pier support

Strong pier support is crucial for homes with raised foundation. The footing holds up each side of the home, but offers minimal support towards the center of the home.

Weakened pier support may sink or even cause the home’s center to crumble. Using wood posts, the beams are attached to concrete piers securely position the dirt.

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    Each side of a house is held to the ground using footing. Concrete pads under footing refers to the concrete that is poured beneath the footing of the foundation that is already in the dirt.

    Due to the water that seeps into the dirt and the wear and tear that every house endures, the footing starts to lose its grasp of the foundation and will slowly start shifting and breaking apart over time.

    Maintaining strong concrete pads under footing is the ultimate protection for your foundation.



    Underpinning is one of the most commonly utilized techniques when it comes to foundation repair.

    Similar to adding additional stories to a house, reinforced steel bars are placed deep into the ground to hold up and secure the foundation.

    Foundation walls become weak over time due to settlement. Foundation underpinning adds support and stabilization where there has been a change of the structural configuration due to natural movement, shifting, settlement, and of course any prior earthquake damages the home or building may have sustained.

    Sister Wall Foundation

    sister wall

    Sister Wall Foundation requires skilled and advanced techniques. A sister wall foundation is a new wall built alongside of an an already existing foundation that is failing or needs additional support. Concrete is filled into the constructed steel and wall, leaving a safe and secure foundation.

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