Foundation repair is not something you need on a regular basis, so most people don’t know the process involved in residential foundation repair.

Not the best Method for Marketing

Unlike many other repair jobs, foundation repair is best left to professionals. Residential foundation repair is pretty common but because people don’t need the service frequently, there is not much publicity or word-of-mouth going around.

When homeowners choose foundation repair services for the first time, does surprised to learn that it involves such an extensive process.

A Pivotal Point to Consider

When you call foundation repair specialists, don’t be surprised to learn that a foundation repair is not as quick as fixing part of the roof or mending a broken fence. It takes time, but when done right, it lasts a long time.

The process of residential foundation repair is quite extensive and takes a long time because there are several steps involved. The most common methods of fixing a weak or damaged foundation are:


This involves sealing cracks in the foundation with epoxy resin. It’s the same process to fill in cracks in walls or other concrete structures. Patching only works for minor cracks. If the damage to the foundation is severe, patching is not an effective option.


Sometimes, when the foundation is extremely weak to stand on its own, it needs to be supported with piers.

This involves excavating the area around the foundation, then driving in steel piers to strengthen weak or falling foundations. Piers can be of different kinds, depending upon the size of the structure. Residential foundation repair will require piers different than commercial structures.

Piers vary in strength and size, and usually take a long time to install. Although very dependable and strong, it’s a job best left to professionals because there’s the risk of endangering the rest of the building.

Wall anchor system

If your basement walls are cracking or crumbling, then a wall anchor system can strengthen the foundation. This involves driving in screws and plates to secure and strengthen the walls of the basement.

Residential foundation repair is complete best by professionals. If you suspect any danger to your foundation, call us for prolific foundation repair specialists to take care of it.

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