Unforeseen hazards or natural changes could lead to sudden or gradual degeneration of your home, which would mean considerable expenses for you to restore the house back to its stable condition.

Construction and repair companies have come up with a number of permanent solutions to deal with the damages from soil erosion, expansion-contraction of soil or a seismic attack.

Residential or commercial foundation repair methods can fix most of the damage and prevent any further escalation of the problem, by patching the small cracks, treating the more intensive damage with mud-jacking or peering using steel or concrete.

If soil is the main cause of your problem related to the foundation, you could seek soil modification as a solution. Foundation repair specialists recommend the most suitable solution after assessing the extent of the damage and also take your budget into consideration.

Earthquake Retrofitting at an Early Stage could Avert Heavy Structural Damage

It is unfortunate that most people turn to a solution only after their house is a disaster.

Los Angeles Foundation Repair Company reports that they have more clients that require repair services than the ones that ask for retrofitting or home reinforcement.

Seismic retrofitting is a way to prepare your house to hold up against an earthquake. It is an indispensable requirement of those residing in earthquake prone areas. Especially the homes built before 1970’s which have no earthquake protection in their structure.

Such homes are totally vulnerable against an earthquake and should connect with a certified retrofitting company. They can install cripple wall reinforcement and check for proper bolting of the wooden frame with the foundation.

If your crawl space lacks any reinforcement, earthquake retrofitting should be on the top of your to-do list.

What should you do in case of heavy foundation damage during a catastrophe?

Sometimes, it’s already too late when the unfortunate event hits your house and injures the walls of the foundation. When the repair can cause further harm and is too risky, they might recommend foundation replacement.

It may be a dire consequence of neglected repair of the foundation during previous seismic hits. During this process, the old foundation is broken and removed, and fresh concrete is poured for a new foundation.