There are quite a few types of retaining walls that can be built. We have already described a concrete retaining wall, but another example is called a “gabion retaining wall” which acts in a very similar way to a typical retaining wall, except that a gabion wall is constructed with small openings, instead of solid concrete. Gabion walls are made up from rocks (or other material of your choice) and are held together by metal wires. The small openings or spaces in the gabion wall slow down and control water flow without allowing it to damage your home. When the water flows through the gabion wall, it will not break up the soil, but rather keep it compacted. Other types of retaining walls, for example shotcrete/gunite, act in the same way as a concrete wall, but offer even more stability to your home. Why not allow one of Weinstein Construction’s experts to explain in further detail how retaining walls work and which wall is best for your home? A consultative visit is completely free of charge, and holds no obligation for you!