Erosion happens when solid objects (e.g., soil, rocks, structures, etc.) are worn down by the immense forces of Mother Nature (e.g., water, wind, waves, glaciers, etc.).  Erosion can be slow, or swift, but in both cases, erosion can cause serious damage and should to be taken care of immediately.  In Southern California, water and wind are the main causes of erosion and property owners use a variety of erosion control techniques and tools to stop water and wind forces from wearing down their properties.  Erosion is most common in buildings that are built on a slope because water runs down the hill and onto the property.  The water collects soil, sediment, and debris on its way down the slope, and this causes problems to anything which stands in the way.   There are various methods to control erosion, but they all of one thing in common:  they are used to protect properties from serious damage!