A soft-story retrofit cost in Los Angeles varies, depending on the type of building and its size. The following rule-of-thumb often holds true: for a “tuck-under” parking garage, one must design and build one reinforcing structure (either a “moment frame” or a “cantilever column”) for every six parking stalls. Each such reinforcing structure will cost about $35,000 to $40,000. Following this math, if a building has under-tuck parking for 12 cars, the cost of soft-story retrofitting will range from $70,000 to $80,000.

Los Angeles soft-story cost of retrofitting may vary depending on other factors, for example, the type and location of the building: can heavy equipment access the building easily? Can a full-size truck (or just a small car) get onto the property? Is the parking area uphill, or downhill? What is the distance from the parking lot to the street? All these questions factor into cost considerations.

Moreover, other concealed and/or unforeseen site conditions may affect pricing, for example, the existence of any of the following (which may need to be disconnected, removed, or altered): concrete footing below ground, water/electric or gas pipes, plumbing or sewer lines, fire sprinkler lines, landscaping/irrigation lines, large tree roots, low voltage lines (e.g. communication), etc.