Getting a building permit is nothing that you will need to worry about. First, we will crawl under your home to determine what details your plan will use. We will prepare a plan of your home, and will reference the details you should use. Second, we will take your plan to your city department of building and safety office. If your home does not have any special conditions and all your home needs is a department standard plan, pulling the permit will be pretty simple. If your home does have special conditions, your plan might need to be reviewed by an architect or engineer, who will review the plans and make necessary changes. It is then stamped and approved and sent back to the department of building and safety for final approval to move forward with obtaining the right permit to perform the work. The time-frame will vary depending on each city office and its requirements. Each permit has a permit fee that will cover the costs to review your plan, inspect the work and keep a permanent record of it.