Erosion Control

Erosion Control Checklist

  • Is your home on a Slope or a Hillside?
  • Are you seeing water run-off that is moving the soil?
  • Are puddles forming around your property?
  • Can you see mud or wet soil around your property?
  • Did you experience a damaged basement or crawlspace?

Drainage Control

If you live on a hillside, your home needs to have some form of erosion control construction.  Because gravity forces water to constantly move downward, when your home is built on a slope, flowing water can wreak havoc on your home if you don’t use soil erosion solutions. Steep slope erosion control, for example, an erosion control blanket for steep slopes can stop erosion and sediment control.  You should know that erosion can start to occur sooner than you think!

Not only is it important to control where and how water is drained, it is also important to control the speed of such drainage. You can control drainage speed through using erosion control mulch or curb inlet protection, which uses filters designed to be placed in front of a curb inlet or opening to prevent the migration of silt into the storm drain system.  Moreover, the construction of swales/grading can create an effective drainage solution that can protect a hillside home against erosion.   Such construction methods use the natural flow of gravity to reshape and resurface your lawn or landscape to ensure that water is draining properly.

Moreover, the addition of erosion control matting, erosion control mesh, erosion control rolls, and storm drains, can control the speed of run-off water down the slope of your property. Adding baboons or rock basket retaining walls can provide even additional protection, as well as add a beautiful aesthetic value to your home.

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    Hillside Stabilization

    Soil erosion can slowly chip away at the support which hold up a building. Erosion can even cause buildings to literally slide down a hillside, resulting in catastrophic structural damages.  The good news is that Weinstein Construction professionals can prevent such disastrous incidents from happening by using our specialized hillside stabilization techniques.   We offer a variety of cost-effective hillside stabilization techniques, including building gabions and gabion Baskets, concrete and granite, caissons and grade beams, and concrete retaining walls.  If your property is suffering from any kind of erosion, we will have the right solution for you.  There is no stabilization project we can’t solve!
    Hillside Stabilization

    Shoreline Protection

    Living near the beach can be a great lifestyle, but who knew that it could also be dangerous and costly, when things go wrong?  The extraordinary benefits of living on beachfront property are sometimes accompanied with the unfortunate side-effects of erosion caused by ocean water.

    When beachfront properties are threatened, Weinstein Construction professionals can construct a seawall to provide your home with significant protection.  Seawalls, also commonly referred to as bulkheads or revetments, are man-made structures that are built parallel to the water to protect structures from the damaging effects of water and sand.   

    Weinstein Construction professionals are experts at protecting beachfront properties! We can construct sea walls, as well as groins, which are long, narrow structures built out into the water from a beach in order to prevent beach erosion or to trap and accumulate sand that would otherwise drift along the under the influence of waves.

    Beachfront Reinforcement


    Weinstein Construction professionals have substantial experience in drainage control and erosion prevention.  Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation so we can discuss cost-effective solutions to your control of soil erosion needs! Let us prepare for you an erosion and sediment control plan, or demonstrate our methods for driveway erosion control and how we take care of sediment erosion!

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