Most people go through life without anyone ever giving them $3,000 in cash without any catch, right?  And you would never expect the government to be handing out $3,000 checks to citizens, right?  Well, we are happy to report that this is happening in our great city of Los Angeles, a couple of times a year!  Although Halloween was just a couple of days ago, this is no trick!

What is the California EBB Program?

Typically, twice a year, the State of California’s Earthquake Brace and Bolt program provides eligible homeowners with completely free money grants of up to $3,000 to subsidize the cost of seismic retrofitting their at-risk homes.  Right now, applications for this grant are accepted from homeowners who live in many EBB Eligible ZIP codes across the greater Los Angeles area!

This is not a “first-come-first-serve” application process, so everyone has an equal chance to participate in the program and apply through November 29, 2022!

For many homes, this FREE GOVERNMENT MONEY can potentially cover the full cost of bracing and bolting the property!  This retrofitting process can literally save lives and valuable property when an earthquake hits!  Homeowners whose property suffers even minor damage during an earthquake are on the hook for many thousands of dollars, and major damage can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair!

How Do I Qualify For EBB Supplemental Grants?

Moreover, homeowners with household income at or below $72,080, qualify for even more free money in the form of a large supplemental grant!  With such a supplemental grant, even the cost of a large retrofitting job is often free!  Read more about the EBB supplemental grant!

EBB Program Explanation Video

Here’s also a link to a great video from Abc7 explaining from the EBB program – this video is narrated by Janiele Maffei, the Chief Mitigation Officer for the California Earthquake Authority, and the Executive Director of the EBB program!

What do I do next for the EBB Program

 To see if your home is in one of the eligible ZIP codes that have opened up, access the EBB Eligible zip codes program website.

If you live in one of the ZIP codes listed on the EBB website, the simple EBB Online Registration process is a breeze!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to receive free government money with no strings attached!

What Can be better than Free EBB Money?

Best of all, at Weinstein Construction, we are offering our own Homeowner Incentive Program, in conjunction with the EBB!  Most small homes can be retrofitted for about $3,000, and we will wait to get paid by the EBB, so there will be no money coming out of your pocket, and retrofitting your house will be free for you!

At Weinstein Construction, we have done more than 8,000 retrofitting jobs and we are FEMA and EBB Program approved contractors!  You don’t have to wait for the “Big One” to see if your home can withstand an earthquake!  call Weinstein Construction today at 818-334-6657 to schedule a free inspection and estimate with us, the Los Angeles region’s best earthquake retrofitting!