Dear clients and friends:

It is our fondest wish that this email finds you and all your loved ones in the best of health and spirits!  In what has been another trying year for so very many of us, we gather this week to celebrate our national holiday of Thanksgiving, which marks the raising and adoption of our great nation’s Constitution and democratic institutions.

In what is perhaps a break from tradition, I’d like to share with you some “fun facts” about this secular holiday, which you may not know!  I hope you agree with me that a bit of levity goes a long way!

Fun Fact No. 1:  President George H. W. Bush was the first president to ever pardon a turkey in 1989!  This tradition is only 34 years old, and may it long continue!

Fun Fact No. 2:  Contrary to popular belief, “Black Friday” is not the busiest day for retailers!  Rather, this is the busiest day for plumbers, who call it “Brown Friday”!

Fun Fact No. 3:  Historians agree that turkey was not eaten at the first Thanksgiving in the year 1621!  Rather, the English and Native Americans ate “ducks, geese and swans”!

Fun Fact No. 4:  Benjamin Franklin is on record saying he didn’t want the Bald Eagle to be our nation’s national bird, but rather the turkey, which he said “is in comparison a much more respectable Bird”!

Fun Fact No. 5:  The iconic American “TV Dinner” was invented in 1953 when Swanson was left with 260 extra tons of turkey after Thanksgiving!  Rather than “eat the loss” financially, they came up with the idea of individual reheatable turkey dinners!

Fun Fact No. 6:  For the past 40 years, the Butterball turkey company has maintained a “Turkey Talk-Line”!  If you need any advice on how to cook a turkey, don’t be shy!  Call them at 1-800-BUTTERBALL!

And so, as we have done for so many years, all of us here at Weinstein Construction would like to wish you a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!  We are so very grateful for your friendship and fellowship!