Dear clients and friends:

I hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and safe on this important day, the day of Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the Jewish calendar!

As you may already know, this day is called “Rosh Hashanah” and not just the “Beginning of the New Year” because this was the day when G-d created Adam, the first man. As such, this is the day when G-d gives all of us life, livelihood, and health for the new year!

But, other important events also happened on this very same day. In the Garden of Eden, G-d also created Eve, Adam’s wife. The cunning serpent tempted Eve to eat the fruit, and Eve tempted Adam to do the same, and for that sin, G-d expelled them both!

Furthermore, Rosh Hashanah is also the day when Abraham withstood the most difficult test of all, proving his willingness to obey G-d’s command even at the cost of sacrificing on Mount Moriah his most precious and only son Isaac.

And so what do we do on Rosh Hashanah? Importantly, we light candles and recite the blessings. We dip apples in honey and eat food that symbolizes our hopes for a good and sweet new year. We also blow the ram’s horn Shofar and we perform the ritual of “Tashlich”, when we go to a water source (that has fish inside!) and shake out crumbs from our pockets and thus “throw” our sins into the water!

And so on Rosh Hashanah, some of the most important rituals of the Jewish nation take place. This is a time for contemplation, of thanks, and of good wishes for our families, our friends, and all the people of Israel.

During these trying, difficult, and really unprecedented days in the history of our people, our nation, indeed the world itself, I want you to know that everyone at Weinstein Construction cares about you and wishes you a happy new year that ill bring with it only good news, health, livelihood, contentment, and peace. Amen!