Dear clients and friends:

It is my sincere hope that this email finds you and your loved ones in perfect health and
in the best of spirits! I am sure all of us have noticed our weather getting warmer, our
days growing longer, and our flora and fauna flourishing. All of these are clarion calls
for celebrating the fact that springtime has finally arrived!

Springtime of course is when we begin to spend more time outdoors, enjoying nature’s
bounty and each other’s company. But on a sadder note, it is also the time when, on the
last Monday in May, we take some time to honor and mourn our nation’s brave men and
women who died while serving in our Armed Forces. This somber day, Memorial Day,
is our unofficial beginning of summer.

We are also not oblivious to the times we live in. We know our representative
democracy and our great American institutions are being stressed to their limits. We can
see it in the results of a recent public opinion poll which shows that only 16% of survey
respondents have great deal of trust in the American presidency and the Supreme Court,
and only 9% have great trust in Congress and the media.

And yet, it is worth noting on this Memorial Day that there is one institution that many
more of us still trust! The same poll showed that the most trusted institution in America
today is the military! (at 48%) Where does this trust originate from? I would argue it’s
in recognition of the ultimate sacrifice of so many brave American men and women, true
patriots all, who donned a uniform and went to battle to ensure that all of us are able to
enjoy the treasures promised by our U.S. Constitution: Justice, Domestic Tranquility,
General Welfare, and the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

In the Hebrew bible, the Old Testament, we learn that G-d commanded us to Remember
and Observe the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Similarly, on this Memorial Day, I hope
you join me in Remembering and offering a grateful prayer of thanks for the sacrifice of
so many of our fellow Americans who gave up their lives so that we may live in peace,
harmony, and prosperity, and in Observing this Memorial Day in their honor!

Thank you so much for your friendship and fellowship!