Dear clients and friends:

I hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and safe! This coming-up Monday is Independence Day, which commemorates the birthday of our national independence from the tyranny of the British Crown, which tried to impose its will on our freedom-loving American Colonies. In small towns and large, all across our vast country, millions of people will attend parades and fireworks displays, and of course, eat delicious hot dogs – about 150 million of them on this one day alone, if you believe the statistics!

Our mighty homeland will be 246 years old on July 4ᵗʰ, and despite the fact that we have typically grown up believing that we are secure in our national unity, today we find our national discourse in great stress, which leads many of us to question whether our unique national experiment will prevail in the future. The truth is that yes, the past few years have been stressful, and many of our fellow citizens and institutions are polarized.

But all these concerns are not new, and we have dealt with such disputes many times in our nation’s history. These times are surely trying, but I believe they can also make us think, reignite our appreciation for what we already have, and move us to rededicate ourselves to our familiar founding principles. On this July 4ᵗʰ which marks our Independence, I know there is great hope for the destiny of our nation and for our causes of liberty, justice, and freedom!

You may ask, where is this great hope of yours coming from? Well, from you, my friends and fellow citizens, from your friendship, your kind words, and your abundant good deeds. Importantly, my hope also comes from watching our children in action as they work hard to justify the faith of our Founding Fathers and our shared trust in the almighty God, as well as the promise of a better future for us all.

Please enjoy our nation’s birthday in peace and happiness!