What is this blog about?

As we discussed last week, at Weinstein Construction, we monitor closely all data sources for interesting news about issues that affect homeowners and their families.  About 10 days ago, we came across some scientific predictions which made us very concerned:  a natural disaster that can happen in California on a scale that is “larger than any in world history” (and it’s not an earthquake!).  This is the second part of our two-part blog about what we found, and more importantly, what you can do about it!  You can find Part 1 of our blog here.

First, a reminder on what the issue is

As we discussed last week, top scientists from UCLA and the National Center for Atmospheric Research are predicting that climate change will also lead to an “atmospheric river” of intense rainfall which will cause devastating mudslides and landslides, especially in hillside areas that were burned by wildfire.  A new study titled “Climate change is increasing the risk of a California megaflood” describes this potentially “biblical weather event”, and scientists are worried that such a rain event can bring us more than 100 inches of rain at a time and cause Stockton, Fresno, and the Greater Los Angeles area to be under water, with catastrophic consequences for millions of inhabitants of these cities.

What can homeowners do to help ensure their families and properties are protected?

If you live inside a hillside home, or a home that was built at the base of a hill, you are to be congratulated on the beautiful area of our city that you have chosen to live in.  However, you must also be aware that there are some inherent concerns that folks living in hillside homes should have, and chief among them is the threat of heavy rain which can cause flooding and soil erosion and intrusion into your property!

If you live in such a home, don’t fall victim to hillside drainage issues and flooding during severe wind and weather events!  There are many ways that homeowners of hillside homes, or homes built at the base of hills, can manage the threat of severe rainfall.  For example, such homeowners can hire drain contractors to build a French drainage installation that moves water away from a home by employing the natural forces of gravity.  Similarly, a storm water leaching system can also stop water from pooling around the property, and instead, leading the water out to street drainage.

And perhaps more importantly, homeowners can build retaining walls around the property to hold back water (and its associated dirt and debris) whether the water is running down a slope or pooling around due to flooding!  Such retaining walls can be built from solid concrete blocks and steel reinforcements that can stop most (if not all!) the water and debris that comes at your property.  Such walls can also be built from shotcrete/gunite, or even from decorative rocks that are held together by metal wires, which all slow down and control water flow.  This last method, called a “gabion wall”, is also an extremely attractive landscaping tool that increase a home’s value!

Don’t wait until the Rainy Season brings an incredible amount of rain down your hillside!  Call Weinstein Construction’s experts today, and they will explain in detail how retaining walls work and which wall is best for your home!  Our consultative visit is completely free of charge!  You can trust the professionals at Weinstein Construction to help you with all your drainage solutions.  We are the Los Angeles region’s best retaining walls contractor and basement waterproofing companies, and we also do leaky basement repair, basement wall sealing, basement waterproofing and French drainage installation! 

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