The climate of your place plays a major role in the kind of base your home will have. California is mainly known for its Mediterranean climate, which means that it has warm, hot summers and cooler and rainier winters. Due to these changing conditions, the foundation of a property can suffer some damage as a result.

When it comes to damage to the base or failure, there are several factors that may cause problems with the foundation of the structure. The most popular in California is soil shrinkage, flooding, hydrostatic strain, and earthquakes.

Specifically in California, many homes will experience basic problems after seasons of excessive rainfall or extremely dry conditions. This is because climate change can lead to a shift in the foundations and a settlement of the foundations. When the base is fixed, this means that the soil under the structure has shifted unevenly, causing the floor to move. And when the base moves, this can produce cracks in the foundation so pressure from the ground, which can cause the home to slop.

SIGNS OF FOUNDATION Harm: • Ground cracks• Sloping floors • Wall cracks• Doors and windows that hang • Deck cracks• Leaning walls • Leaning chimney Fortunately, if your home has sustained foundation harm–due to weather and/or soil conditions or after an earthquake–you can fix the foundation of your home with a foundation repair company such as Weinstein Construction. The most common repair methods for the foundations that have shifted as a result of settlement are the installation of helical piers or steel push piers, which are driven into the ground to help stabilize the base of the home and plug any cracks that have formed.

If you are looking for a foundation repair company that you can trust, Weinstein Construction is a foundation inspection, foundation repair and foundation replacement expert.

Weinstein Engineering has surveyed over 30,000 buildings, partnering with engineering firms and municipal engineering and safety authorities. Over the last five years, the company has done more ground repair and earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles than any other business in the country.