At Weinstein Construction, we are one of the few experienced balcony repair contractors in the City of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  We know that as part of your process for budgeting for EEE inspection and balcony repairs, what is top of mind for you is not only how to choose the right contractor for the job, but also how much your balcony repair cost will be.  Continue reading to learn what you need to know about balcony repair cost and how to save money in the process!

If you reading this particular blog, you are probably the owner of a multi-unit residential apartment building in Los Angeles, or a member of the Condominium association of a condo building in the City, and are familiar by now with California Senate Bills 326 and 721, also known as the “Balcony Inspection Laws”.  These two new laws require that you inspect and repair any damaged balconies, decks, stairs, catwalks, and other “Exterior Elevated Elements” (“EEE”) at your building.


Balconies and other EEE are popular features of most apartment and condo buildings in Los Angeles, providing areas for residents to traverse around the building or simply relax and enjoy the outdoor environment.  In time, all balconies and EEE will experience weathering, wear and tear, and structural issues that may require repair.  Repairing a balcony, or any EEE for that matter, can cost $1,000 and up, and depends on a number of factors, including:

The extent of the balcony repair damage.

As you can imagine, minor repairs such as fixing a few loose boards on a balcony, or replacing a small section of a steel railing on a staircase, may be relatively inexpensive, but extensive damage to an EEE, for example, extensive wood rot, cracked concrete, or other significant structural issues, can increase the costs substantially.  In cases involving extensive repairs or reconstruction, choosing the right contractor for the job becomes especially important.  Specialized balcony repair professionals such as the ones at Weinstein Construction are not only able to offer you a free estimate on the job, they can also provide you with the best solution to fit your needs, and at a cost you can afford.

The type of balcony repair needed.

Another critical factor in determining the cost of a balcony repair is the type of repair that is needed.  Balcony repairs typically include exposing and then fixing damaged wood boards, repairing drainage issues, repairing or replacing railings, fixing cracks in concrete, repairing or adding waterproofing, patching up stucco finishes, etc.  Each of these repair categories has its own associated costs, and the total balcony repair estimate will naturally depend upon the combination of repairs required.  The professionals at Weinstein Construction can tell you all you need to know about balcony repairs and will provide you with a free estimate to do the job!

The size of the EEE in question.

The size of the balcony is also significant factor which will be taken into consideration when figuring out the repair cost.  For obvious reasons, larger balconies require more labor and more materials, which will result in a higher balcony repair cost.

Accessibility to the EEE in question.

A balcony which is in a hard-to-reach area, for example, very high off the ground, will be more difficult to reach and repair.  Such EEE will often require using additional, specialized lift equipment, which increases overall repair cost.  A such, hard-to-reach EEE will be more expensive to repair than low-to-the-ground ones, which are easily accessed through individual apartments or condos.

Choice of materials used in balcony repair.

Balcony repairs typically involve using materials such as wood, concrete, metal, waterproofing membranes, coatings, and sealants, as well as stucco finishes.  Moreover, the cost of these materials can vary from type to type, with higher-quality or specialized materials naturally costing more.  Just to use one example, if a 100-year-old steel railing needs to be replaced with like materials, fabricating and matching the metal railing and its unique design may increase the overall balcony repair cost.

Plans, permitting, and balcony inspection fees.

As a consumer of balcony repair services, you undoubtedly want to get the best deal and find the best priced contractor and that is fine, but you should also take into consideration the fact that depending on the complexity of the repair, you also may also be required to obtain building plans and permits, which can add to the overall expense.  As you go about obtaining balcony repair quotes and price estimates, make sure to obtain multiple quotes from reputable firms such as Weinstein Construction, to ensure that you are getting both quality workmanship and a fair price.


As the regulatory balcony inspection date looms closer, reputable balcony repair contractors such as Weinstein Construction will be busy servicing existing clients.  This means that the longer you wait, you may experience less flexibility in pricing and scheduling!  Take the time now to research the cost to repair a balcony and choose the right contractor for the job.  Call us today at 866-623-5788 to schedule your free “California Balcony Law” consultation.  Take advantage of lower prices right now and get help in planning for this important and mandatory inspection program!   We will help you ensure that your EEE repairs are done right and for the right price!