When it comes to investing your hard-earned cash, you can’t go wrong by putting it in your home. Not only do our homes protect our loved ones, but owning property is one of the most lucrative business projects you can do. In order to keep your Los Angeles County home safe from the elements, including unforeseeable storms and seismic activity, one essential step is to purchase an earthquake brace and a bolt service. Today, we’re going to break down how you can save money through the Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) software and its application process and benefits. If you’re a Southern California homeowner looking to take care of your savings, this knowledge is helpful to know and understand!

What are the brace and the bolt service?

Many homes in the greater Los Angeles area are not adequately secured, leaving them vulnerable to earthquakes. And when it comes to the earthquakes in Southern California, it’s not a matter of whether they’re going to strike, but when. Homes that are decades old or constructed with wood frames, or in particular homes that meet both of these requirements, are particularly vulnerable to earthquake damage. The good news is that they can benefit greatly from brace and bolt services.

Braces and bolts provide the most effective protection on the market to your structure by protecting the base against seismic damage. Bolting attaches fixed bolts to the crawl space to prevent the house from falling during seismic activity, while bracing strengthens and stiffens weakened walls to help prevent collapse.

What’s the Earthquake Brace + Bolt program?

Did you know that you could get up to $3,000 to improve your structure by applying for the Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) program? This software helps to strengthen your home in order to reduce the damage done by seismic activity. EBB is in a position to help fund retrofitting costs for residential crawling areas involving bolts, braces or secured and braced water heaters. Qualified houses must comply with the requirements of Chapter A3, which typically require a house to be constructed in timber, built on a low slope or level land, to have a raised foundation or to have certain types of crippled walls. You must not undertake retrofitting work in order to participate in the program until you have been admitted into the program. That means, if you’re looking for funding, it’s important to plan ahead.

How can I apply for a brace and a bolt service?

Are you interested in receiving financial assistance through the EBB? There are certain requirements that homeowners must comply with in order to qualify for the program. Their home must be located in one of the specified zip codes of the EBB and be the primary residence at the time of application and completion of the retrofit. Homeowners will need to register and apply online as a homeowner and will be able to submit a completed and signed IRSW-9 form if requested. Registration is permitted once per house, and all houses must comply with the rules of the program.

Do you wonder if your home might be eligible? There is a good chance that your home may be eligible for EBB if it is located within one of the EBB zip codes, meets the CEBC Chapter A3 requirements, was constructed before 1980 and is situated on a low slope or level land, and has not already earned EBB payments.

How does the application process of the EBB work?

Are you waiting to hear about your EBB application? After completion of the year’s registration, which has already been completed for 2019, homeowners will be randomly selected by an electronic system. Applications must be reviewed and approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), with applicants informed of progress by e-mail. Homeowners will be informed at the beginning of the year whether they have been put on the waiting list or chosen to participate. Therefore, should homeowners wish to receive assistance for the coming year, they are encouraged to provide all the details they need as soon as possible. For more information on the next grant application, please visit earthquakebracebolt.com. Applicants may also feel free to interact with EBB at any time during the process.

Why is your home in need of brace and bolt services?

You may not be able to predict when the next major earthquake occurs, but you do have the power to make sure that your home is safe against the devastation of seismic activity. Brace and bolt facilities are important for the health and strength of your system. Likewise, your home may have been safe in the past, however time will build vulnerabilities.