Hillside homes can be easily damaged by severe weather!

Retaining Wall Builders in California Can Help

A Retaining Wall Contractor can help protect your home and save it from costly damage. Hillside homes throughout the Los Angeles region are often the prized possession of those individuals who own homes or live in them.  The beautiful design and attractive scenery of hillside homes make them highly desirable and expensive.  However, there are some inherent concerns that accompany living in hillside homes, with one of the main concerns being the threat of water intruding into the property.  During the Rainy Season, which begins on or about October 15 and ends around April 15, hillside homes, and homes that are built at the base of hills, can be easily damaged by heavy rain or soil erosion.  As such, it’s imperative for homeowners to take the necessary steps to prevent their property from falling victim to hillside drainage issues during severe wind and weather events.

What steps can homeowners take to manage hillside drainage

Retaining Wall Construction Services Provide Many Solutions

There are many ways in which homeowners can manage the threat that rainfall poses to hillside homes, or homes built at the base of hills.  For example, homeowners can have drainage contractors construct French drainage installation, which prevents water from sitting in any place adjacent to the home and are designed to keep water flowing using gravity.  Having in place a good storm water leaching system can also stop water from pooling in one place, and instead, carry the water out to street drainage, where it belongs.  And many homeowners also use basement waterproofing and basement wall sealing to prevent mold, damp, and their associated health problems.  Waterproofing a basement wall is a great preventative measure, but one of the most successful ways to manage the threat of mud slides and water intrusion is hiring experienced retaining walls contractors such as Weinstein Construction, to build a retaining wall to protect a vulnerable home!

How does retaining wall construction protect homes

Water from rain will always run down a slope, and water that runs off of hills damaged by wildfires can carry with it dirt and debris that can create a lot of pressure on a home, endangering its stability.  However, retaining wall repair contractors specialize in building retaining walls in strategic areas around the home to help hold back water, dirt, debris, and other substances from running down a slope and damaging the property.  Such retaining walls not only give a home extra protection, but can also add a nice cosmetic boost to landscaping, creating a great looking space which often increases a home’s value!

What type of retaining wall construction services does Weinstein Construction build?

Los Angeles retaining wall builders such as Weinstein Construction can build concrete retaining walls with solid concrete blocks and steel reinforcements that can stop much, if not all, water, debris, and other substances from damaging a home.  Other types of retaining walls, for example shotcrete/gunite, can protect a home in the same way as a concrete wall, but these offer even more stability to your home.

But there are other types of retaining wall construction services that can be built, for example a gabion wall, which is composed of decorative rocks (or other material of your choice) that are held together by metal wires.  Such metal basket gabion retaining walls are constructed with small openings or spaces which slow down and control water flow without allowing it to damage the home.  When the water flows through a gabion basket, it will not break up the soil, but rather keep it compacted.

Act now, the Rainy Season is here!  Call one of Weinstein Construction’s retaining wall inspectors who can explain in further detail how retaining walls work and which type of retaining wall construction is best for your home!  A consultative visit is completely free of charge!  As the rains continue, the chance of your home experiencing water intrusion grows!  You can trust the professionals at Weinstein Construction to help you with all your drainage solutions.  When it comes to retaining walls in the Los Angeles region, we are one of the best retaining wall contractors and basement waterproofing companies, and we also do leaky basement repair, basement wall sealing, basement waterproofing and French drainage installation!  call Weinstein Construction today at 877-958-8741 for a free retaining wall inspection and review of all your Rainy Season needs!