28 February

UPDATED – California’s SB 721 & SB 326 Balcony Inspection Laws


If you are a frequent reader of our blogs, then you may have already heard about the State of California’s new mandatory Balcony Inspection Laws, which have been “on the books” for a couple of years.  We are referring to California SB 721 and California SB 326, which were passed by the California legislature in response to the death of six UC Berkeley students after [...]

UPDATED – California’s SB 721 & SB 326 Balcony Inspection Laws2023-10-10T14:39:37-07:00
30 September

Do I have foundation issues that need to be repaired?


Foundation Repairs in Los Angeles Foundation repairs in Los Angeles are very common because the soil Los Angeles homes are built on is made out of soft clay that expands during the rainy seasons and contracts during the dry seasons.  Such movements can cause concrete foundations that sit above the soil to become brittle, drop, buckle, and crack. Other natural forces can also damage a [...]

Do I have foundation issues that need to be repaired?2021-12-23T05:04:24-08:00
15 January

Resilience By Design


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled a plan last month that will require Los Angeles to structurally prepare for the impending major earthquake many scientists predict will happen over the next decade. The Los Angeles City Council discussed the plan this week, taking the first step at working out the kinks in the plan before it is approved. The plan, known as Resilience by Design, [...]

Resilience By Design2021-04-29T09:00:51-07:00
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