2 February

What Have We Learned From the 1994 Northridge, CA Earthquake


It has been nearly three decades since the January 17, 1994 Northridge earthquake, and the question on the minds of millions of Los Angelinos is:  are we safer today than we were back then?  Are the lives of our loved ones secure?  Are our homes and commercial businesses safe?  The answer to these questions is, unfortunately, more complex than one would hope…* Let’s start with [...]

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1 May

Do You Love California Earthquakes?


Los Angeles residents must face earthquake reality! As we approach the three-year anniversary of the 2019 Ridgecrest Earthquake, we feel it is our duty yet again to bring to everyone’s attention the incredible danger that we all live under, in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Of course, this is the threat of another big earthquake shattering the calm of our sunny city. The Ridgecrest earthquake’s [...]

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15 January

Resilience By Design


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled a plan last month that will require Los Angeles to structurally prepare for the impending major earthquake many scientists predict will happen over the next decade. The Los Angeles City Council discussed the plan this week, taking the first step at working out the kinks in the plan before it is approved. The plan, known as Resilience by Design, [...]

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11 September

Soft Story Building Reinforcement


Rewind to January 17th Earthquake hits Reseda California in the wee hours of the morning as families across the city are awakened from their slumber in a panic. The earthquake, which measured out to a magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter Scale, could be felt as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada. As confused and panicked families and individuals alike rush for safety, they are [...]

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